Note to Self - Do Something

Apparently I have two gears. Yes and Yes. Yes I am working on my healthy journey or Yes I am currently in a self destructive pattern of not working on being healthy.  The gray area is just not realistic for me.

I made a huge leap.  I signed up for Women Can Run (and no I will not be running) I am a beginning walker.  Funny to be my age and be a beginning anything. But we are the slow walkers building up to three miles...No problem - piece of cake - yeah right  - but totally doable.  The clinic ends with a big 5k in Central Arkansas where all the women meet, compete and mostly cheer for each other and their awesomeness! I have done it before, 100 pounds lighter and 100 years younger. Here I am doing it again.  And I have been eating well this week.  No chips and dips (my nemesis) No crazy fattening meals, just light and healthy, proteins, vegetables and minimum carbs.  Feeling better already.

The point of all of this is I'm a beginning walker at the run clinic.  Not a beginning coucher at 711 South 14th.  I am doing it, and doing one thing makes it easier to do something else.  And here's something for me to remember, doing it with a big ol' group makes it fun and it divides the burden exponentially.  We are all in this together.  We feed off each other.  We rally for each other.  Each of us with our own agenda but working toward a higher cause. 

So, in the fashion of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure...I want to travel in time and tell my future self, next time you get stuck and you feel the grayness of life creeping in, Do Something.  Do something big, do something challenging, do something in a group...just do SOMETHING.  There has to be a beginning moment when you just jump off that cliff and win, lose, or draw at least you take some action. 

Unbelievably proud of my action and pleased with the results.  Proud of all of us that showed up and showed out. I heard one walker say, "look at all those skinny people" as the runners ran by and I thought yeah, good for them, but we all have our journey and I don't want to see skinny versus fat.  I just want to see women, taking care of themselves right where they are.  Doing something other than sitting on the couch wishing they were doing something!

That's all ~ Thanks y'all! 

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