The Miraculous Escape

I went home to Arkansas for a funeral on Wednesday. 

This was a tough day.  He was my daughter's friend. He was my friend too.  He was 25.

I cooked him his first spaghetti, he didn't like it. But he was a good sport.  He had the love of a doting mother. He had many, many, many friends. He was looking for something that seemed out of his grasp.

My heart breaks. I want to say this and say it clearly.  There is always hope.  There is always a new day.  He is not the only friend I have seen come to the crossroad and feel there was no hope.  You probably know someone too.  I have been there.  I can remember times when I thought things were so messed up I could never find a way out of the thicket. Like a wild animal caught in a bramble of thorns and vines, we feel trapped, unable to find the path of escape. We fight against it for a season becoming more injured and trapped.

But, every time I have ever been there, something has happened to change the course.  An unexpected phone call, a memory that brightens, a Bible verse remembered, the prayer of a loving friend - there is always a way out, sometimes it just takes a moment, or two, or three to find our way. Watch for the miracle - it will happen, give it a chance.

There is always hope. Never give up.

Full of dread we dress for a funeral we do not want to attend but we arrive to share our burden and we are glad we did. How can we say, it is good I went to the funeral, I think it is because faced with the facts, it's really the only action we can take. At least we did one last thing to honor the one we loved. And, sharing our grief brings at least a little peace.

There is always hope. 

I can't write about healthy lifestyles today.  I can only say, there is always hope.  I am trying to process my grief. That is enough.  I just needed to share my pain and this seemed fairly safe. I'm sorry I couldn't help that young man find an answer - I'm sorry no one else could.  Regrets.

It's a tough world out there. We fall into the thorns.  Please remember, there is always hope for the miraculous escape.

That's all ~ Thanks y'all

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