Don't Forget to Sign Your Name

I just saw an article about how after the dreadful beatdown last night that Peyton Manning still went out after getting cleaned up and signed autographs. Classy guy.  Confident guy.

Here's what I take away from that.

Yeah it was an epic fail, and I bet it really hurt and he may have even been disappointed a little but he spoke to the media about the good things, the hard work, the professionalism of his teammates. So even in the face of obvious, brutal failure - he did not feel like a failure and he did not act like a failure. He acted like a winner.  Point taken.

I missed seeing him go into the locker room and the beer vendor stopping him to ask for autograph but I would imagine he was deep in thought. But someone spoke to him and he heard it and he stopped and listened and responded in kindness. Wow, how many times have I gotten so bummed about falling into the Dorito bag that it caused me to shut out the world, and if I did hear a voice out there I was not so kind? Don't wear your failure on your sleeve and take it out on the grocery clerk or your spouse.  Point taken.

He ended up going back out to sign not one but many autographs.  He acknowledged that even though it wasn't his banner day and maybe even one of his worst days, people still loved him and needed something from them and I think, maybe he received something from them. So even when we land upside down in fudge, people still love us? Need us? and we need them? Point taken.

So I realized after reading that article what a real champion looks like.  We saw Sherman a couple of weeks ago trash talk at the end of the game and boy did he draw a lot of negative attention to himself.  He spent a lot of time then trying to convince the public he wasn't the thug he sounded like.  I think the jury is still out on that.  Fast forward to the composed Manning and his calm way of handling the loss and I'm thinking he doesn't have to go now and apologize for anything he said or did after the game. I like that. 

At the end of the day, good or bad I want to accept the victory or the loss with grace, knowing tomorrow is a new day.  I want to sign my name on that day like an artist finishing their work. What's done is done.  Remain confident, be kind to yourself and others, remember that no matter what people still love you and don't forget to sign your name.

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!


  1. Very inspiring post!

    Hey, can I have your autograph? :)

    1. Hahahaha - of course! Pink ink or purple?

  2. I thought Reggie Miller of the Pacers was good about that as well. He and Peyton set a good example of having some class that many in the public eye do not. Good post. We all need to stay mature and keep things in perspective.

    1. yeah, not whiny babies like I can be sometimes! lol

  3. How very inspirational. I guess no matter what you have to put a good face on and just do it.

  4. Well sometimes its tough to put on a good face, but as much as possible, I think we have to be careful that we don't let life defeat us when things go bad.


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