Rock and Roll Baby

Welllllllllll - it has certainly been awhile since I wrote.  I wanted to write many times but I have to admit, when I was last writing, I was having a hard time staying focused and found myself doing more wishful thinking than committing. I never want to be just a sayer and not a doer, so I dropped out for awhile to get my **** together and now - I'm back.  I'm back to action and not just words...

I did some damage in the 5 months I have been gone so it will take awhile to make that up but I have been eating healthy for 2 weeks now and beginning my third with good spirits and good intentions. I want to be completely transparent so I must share, this time I am not going it alone.  I am involved with a weight loss center. (If you want to know more about this you can message me privately). I am totally committed to progress and not perfection.  I am interested in being healthy and feeling good.  Size and shape matter, but those are the end results, not the prize.

I already feel better and look better and though I have a ways to go, I feel good about my first few steps.  Thank you to all the folks who have checked in on me in my absence or at least thought of me.  I have missed following every one's progress and hope I find a lot of healthier, thinner folks out there.

So the rock has been wedged free from immobility and with a little push of determination the rock is moving and the rolls are rolling....and I say let 'em roll right on outta here!

That's all (and it's enough)
Thanks Ya'll!


  1. yeah! glad you are back...good luck with your new endeavor.

  2. Glad you're back, there is no time like the present! I'm right there with you, last year I didn't have near the success I thought I would BUT today's a new day. I've joined a new fitness center this week so I know what you mean. My e-mail address is jac04prince@yahoo.com, let me know where you joined, maybe we're at the same place! Good luck, I know you can do this.

  3. Nice to see you back. Everyday is a new beginning. Enjoy yours.


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