Would you rather be a fish or bullfrog?

This is the question I am asking myself today.  Would I rather be a graceful, beautiful goldfish swimming in the lovely water garden, quiet but expressive?  Or the big fat bullfrog sitting on the lilly pad croaking?  Hmmmm let's see, duh - I'm going for the fish. 

I have done a lot of croaking on this blog, and a lot of wishful thinking.  I have had good days and bad.  But I have come to realize, I have not yet committed to this endeavor the way one must commit in order to be successful.  If I were a lover and weight loss was the object of my affection, Weight Loss would have complained by now, you don't spend enough time with me, you are not faithful to me, you make excuses to avoid me - your commitment sux!

I have used all the lame excuses like time, health issues, work to be unfaithful to my plan and this means I have been unfaithful to me.  So I am apologizing to myself and to my lover called weight loss.  I want to pursue you again, I want to be passionate about you and cultivate the most healthy relationship with you that is possible.  I won't be perfect, but I don't want to give up.  I am going to work on my inner dialogue.  I want to replace the old tape with a new one that reminds me how wonderful I am, how beautiful you are and how needed you are and how we were meant to be together - forever. 

I don't want anything to come between us again.  I am tired of being a bullfrog and croaking about what I could be - I want to be a goldfish and quietly say it all with who I become.

That's all
Thanks Ya'll


  1. I like how you are showing compassion towards yourself (and to weight loss). You are on a healthy path and probably a lot closer than your realized! Focus on potential, not flaws and watch yourself take off and fly! ;) Janelle

  2. I also love the kids words you say to yourself. Being on the healthy path in life regardless if you lose weight or not is not always easy. I like the way you recommitted to yourself. You are a beautiful Goldfish....enjoy your swim!

  3. Sorry about the spelling...I meant "kind" words, not "kid" :-)

  4. You can do this. You can get to where you are happy, healthy and taking care of yourself. You can, I have faith in you.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  5. Missing you and your blog....do come back and see us xxxx
    Hope things are going well for you

  6. Sad to see that you haven't posted lately, becauseI really enjoyed this post.

  7. So, how's it going for you being a goldfish? It's been a long time since this post and I think several of us would like to know how you're doing these days. I hope your doing well.

  8. I just ran across this blog and I think it is such a beautiful concept and I am wondering about your life as a goldfish. Hope its going great.


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