Found a new website today by reading an article on Yahoo.  Epicurious.com.  Supposedly they have lots of recipes made with whole grains.  So... I am about to go live in that moment for awhile. 

I have gone over my 1800 calories today.  ( I am not sure where I got that number but I am going to find a website tonight to calculate my calorie intake again - or what it should be. )  So I am off to research.  The reason I am going over my calories is because I have a lot more carbs and fats on hand than vegetables.  Its easy to store the carbs, protein and fats, veggies however are more week to week.  I am thinking about changing my two week grocery cycle to a weekly cycle so I can waste less veggies and have more control/choices.  I hate going to the grocery store but I also hate wasting veggies - I have to think on this some more.  Open to suggestions friends!

I think that covers it...not walking tonight - giving my body one more recoup day then tomorrow is BAM.

Glad it's Friday eve (the eve before friday)  ready to chill and work on my plans some more.  Excited about Epicurious.com - already have one great new recipe for raw asparagus salad - Amazing!  Going to stock up on grains tomorrow.  Feeling good that I am getting back in the saddle!  Go Kim!

Okay - that's all - thanks Ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Friday Eve, YAY!!! Just stopping in to say HI. I have been gone awhile, but I am back with a loving vengeance for true healthy change, so expect to seeing me around a lot more again! :)


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