I keep missing the mark.  My brain is engaged and my mind is set but my follow through is lacking.  I want to eat healthy, exercise and loose weight but I also really want to live my life and not have to worry about all this. 

What to do when will power meets reality and one must make the critical decisions in the most inopportune times?  Someone other than me said it best, To fail to plan - is to plan to fail.  I still haven't set down and made up an actual plan with actual goals.  Why?  Because a plan can be measured as a success or failure maybe?  Hmmmm ....my lack of planning is very telling!  I did buy a bunch of veggies yesterday at the grocery store - but today - my get up and go has got up and went. 

Another problem, what to do when your get up and go, gets up and goes - in the wrong direction. 

Hmmm...more thinking.  Planning, decision making, trying, succeeding, failing. 

I think I am at a crossroads.  Gotta decide if I am really in this or kidding myself.  I want it, but I want to be status quo too.  I think it's just the weekend blues - not ready to see the weekend end, feeling bad because I haven't started eating healthy yet.  Just in a funk.  Like a kid, mad because he can't have ice cream for dinner. 

I'm gonna try the AA approach - do the next right thing.  The next right thing is to make my healthy menu for the week, prepare some healthy food and get going...

More on that later...

That's all - Thanks ya'll


  1. Yes, you will need to decide if this is it. I how you DO make the decision that this is it! You can do this. You can. Begin by cutting up those veggies and having them all ready to eat or cook in your fridge. You cando this. Michele

  2. Thanks Michelle. I really appreciate the support. I did go in the kitchen and prepare an aspargus dish that I found on Epicurious. Then I went to the Epicurious site and found some more vegetable recipes. So I am trying to push through this initial resistance - I know it is my rebellious side. Thanks again!


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