Awwwww, It's Good to Be Back

Hello fellow bloggers.  Wow - when I signed on tonight, I realized, it has been a whole month since I last posted. Not completely surprising but maybe a little.  Sooooo - I am going to jump right in. 

In my life of health and weight loss I have tried many approaches and I know they are all cliche' but I putting them out for my mental clarity. 

1. Get an exercise routine going and then I will want to eat better.

2.  Diet to lose weight so I will be inspired to exercise. 

3.  Start both diet and exercise regimens simultaneously so I can knock it out fast. 

4.  Ease into both healthy eating and exercise so I don't push too hard.

...and on and on and on.

The truth is - I can't handle the truth - but I read it in my very ambitious purchase, my running magazine, today.  It's not so much how you do it, it's more that you just keep doing it.  (kim paraphrased)

What is the one thing I have never tried - even though I have tried every thing else?  Yep, I guessed it, to just keep on keeping on.  The difference between me and someone half my size?  Well one thing stands out, they just kept going. 

Glad to say, the month long vacay was good for me.  My brain is settled, my goals are still intact, I gained back 5 pounds but it was worth it to be kind to me and figure some tough stuff out.  I am making some changes and will write about them more later, but for now, I want to go read blogs and see how all my cyber friends are doing and get my grove on with a walk. 

Many hugs!  and one for me! 

That's all - thanks ya'll!


  1. Lovely to see you again, and sounds like your goals/plans are really good. sometimes a vacancy from anything we do is worthwhile and gets us all keen and going again...looking forward to seeing what changes you are planning

  2. I, too, am glad that you posted again. It is hard to keep on going with that combination of eating healthy and exercise. But, it is the only way, as you pointed out. You can do this. You are facing your denial and to me that is one of the first major steps to turning things around. Do you know Sean Anderson's blog? If not, he has motivated many folks through his blog and his successful weight loss of 275 pounds. Check him out here: http://losingweighteveryday.blogspot.com/

    Stay strong! You CAN do this! Michele

  3. Your right the only thing we can do is to make clear thought out choices and then just keep on keeping on. We have to kind to ourselfs. Keep on Keeping on.

  4. I wondered where you were. Welcome back. :D Deb


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