Just a Little Around the Edges

Ha!  here's a funny little tidbit - or at least for me, I was totally amused, I am smaller this summer than I was last summer!  Yep, I pulled out my summer clothes and to my delight, the clothes that were very snug around the middle and in the butt last year are now looser and more comfy.  It's not a huge difference but I will take what I can get right now!  I had gained a lot through the summer and into the fall before my end of year lay off and resolution to use my time wisely to get into shape...so I have lost all of that emotional fat plus a few pounds more!  This has really solidified my resolve to keep doing what I am doing!

[{On a side note...thanks to all of you who have stuck with me even though my posts are not really that encouraging for others who are struggling.  They are real and I appreciate your thoughts and your comments so very much!}]

Until the stress of the new job subsides a little, and I have a better handle on that part of my life, I have let myself off the hook for the drastic changes that I had so much wanted in the beginning.  Now I am being grateful for the small ones and biding my time until things settle down on the job front.

I am also proud to say - I am sleeping more.  I don't know if anyone else out there has this problem but I have this very strange desire to stay up really late and play on the computer or watch t.v..  I have realized that part of my desire to have fun in my life was causing me great harm.  By staying up late, I was robbing myself of much needed sleep and that was also when I did my "extra eating", fueling myself so I could stay up later.  I have severe sleep apnea so the added pressure of staying up late coupled with the sleep apnea made for a groggy mess.  So I get a gold star.  I am going to bed earlier and resting as much as I can.  I am being kind to my body.  If I end up with a night of insomnia I might get up and watch t.v. but as soon as I get sleepy - it's off to bed.  Because I am feeling more rested - it helps me not to snack during the day.  Feeling tired is major trigger for my snacking!

Another great thing I did for myself this week - I called an old friend.  I have heard it said the iron sharpens iron or something like that.  Well this is how it is with this friend.  We both graduated with a graphic design degrees 3 years ago and we both have a passion to succeed.  Talking to a friend who is out there getting it done can be such a boost to my own passion to get it done.  We are very different in that he is 26 and living in Chicago - the heart of design and progress and I am 46 living in Arkansas but we are both pushing ourselves to the limits of what we can accomplish.  He is now running half marathons - and while I may never reach that goal - I would like to get back to that dream of a 5k.  I think it is so good to have friends that build you up, challenge you and spark you.  Like many of my cyber friends do! 

So it has been a good week and while there have been some challenges there has also been some break through.  I am seeing a little of the old me again and man is she a welcome sight!  I look forward to being my old saucy self again someday - older and wiser but packing a punch!

That's all - Thanks Ya'll!


  1. I am glad you are holding on even with all the uncertainty. I know what you mean about sleeping, when I am well rested I focus much better on my own eating. Take care. Michele

  2. You sound like the grey clouds that sometimes come by in our lives are clearing and a brighter bluer sky is showing though. Life is just not that easy is it...we have to deal with the problems because we have no other choice but you sound to be tackling them and winning. I completely agree about taking the fact you're moving in the right direction...just keep on moving over the days, the weeks and the months and you WILL keep on changing.
    Can't wait to see more of your old saucy self as it happens!

  3. Loose clothing that used to be tight is a great feeling. It's these little acomplishments that make us feel so proud about our choices that we make. Sleep is like magic, it makes you feel like a whole new person. I specially love Sunday afternoon naps. I force myself to take them.

  4. Celebrate you life and all the little things that make it great!
    Sleeping and reconnecting are all things that help your outlook on life.
    Have a great week!

  5. A very good week, indeed. Deb

  6. I'm missing you...hoping you're ok and life is being good to you


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