Satisfaction means different things to different folks and of course the word itself has different connotations.  To me, being satisfied is not just status quo and ok that's just enough - but it is a feeling of completion and wholeness, of not wanting more and knowing I don't need more.  It is a feeling of accomplishment as well as finality (for the moment).

I am glad to report, that eating ERF (Eat Real Food) and staying in the 1200 to 1500 calories a day zone and helps me feel satisfied. 

I like satisfied rather than full.  When I used to eat to feel full, I often over did it.  Food was my entertainment and my armor against boredom.  Being full was always a disappointment - it meant the fooding had to end.  I felt worse than when I started.  Often times I would start refueling before I was even hungry.  I just wanted to taste the food again and start the cycle over. 

Now I am eating to satisfy calorie requirements, to get the right amount of nutrients and produce energy for working out.  Its a whole new deal.  Instead of obsessing about the food, I am focused on tracking the calories and making sure I get enough vitamins, fiber, protein and minerals in my diet.  Instead of food being my evil accomplice in sabotaging my life.  It is now my helpful friend that is black and white only - no grey - just scientific knowledge of what that food is good for and where it is lacking.  The bonus is that with a little for thought it can also be creative and taste good which gives me pleasure. 

I don't want to go back to being full all the time.  I want to enjoy feeling satisfied.  I feel better physically and mentally and emotionally.  I feel lighter and each meal that I eat that is healthy is a huge stroke for my self esteem.  I know I am being kind to my body and loving myself by taking care to eat well. 

Being full versus being satisfied is like being loved versus being smothered. 

I'll take satisfied any day. 


  1. Hi there, I found your blog through Deb's and I love what you wrote when commenting on her blog - If our full "readers" are broken ( and I think they are) then our hungry "monitors" are probably broken too.

    So true about our full and hungry monitors, but they are coming back (whew). Satisfied - I love it!

  2. thanks Darla! Deb is awesome! I love the blog support! Thanks for the comment. I am glad too that my monitors are starting to work again...but I agree with most, measuring is probably my best bet :)

  3. Oh and PS - I love the book The Red Tent. I'm a book addict.

  4. haha. Thanks for the kind words. I'm sorry I missed this. :) Deb


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