Time to go to the grocery store...  woke up late which means I missed the window of opportunity where the store would be mostly empty.  At this hour - it will be crammed full of folks in a hurry and being rude.  I hate shopping for groceries and really don't like it for much else either.  Although I do enjoy internet shopping and browsing! 

One good thing about shopping these days, is that most of it occurs in the produce section.  The big dilemna for me though, is how to keep the family fed and focus on my healthy eating at the same time.  They have been fairly patient with me through this, although my 18 year old son does still want frozen pizza and macaroni and cheese, he doesn't make fun of my food.  Even last night when I decided to make Kale Chips (which by the way were just as disgusting as they sound - will not add that to the rotation!)  My husband has been super supportive and even enjoys some of my dishes.  If he is disappointed about the lack of red meat and potatoes, he is keeping it to himself - and for this, I am so greatful. 

So each week, shopping is filled with moments of choice - it is the confirmation of what I am doing and the continuation of what I am doing.  A pivotal moment in each week that will either set me up for success or doom me to failure.  I do feel the pressure on one hand, but I think I am almost to the point where this kind of eating will become more of a habit.  I can say with certainty, that buying produce is a lot more pleasing than buying pre-boxed, pre-fabbed, crap off the shelves.

Shopping is a big deal, not to be taken lightly.  I know it will be fun once I get there...I just gotta get there. 

My new job begins tomorrow.  No more house mom.  I am nervous, excited, ready and dreading...hoping for a good day and hoping this is a great job.  More on that later - today - I must shop.

Thanks ya'll!


  1. Oh yeah, shopping...not my favourite thing either, but the produce sure is nice to look at. So hilarious...I made Kale Chips yesterday too because of all the ranting and raving about how good they were. In fact, one person who made them said, "...we were in the presence of one of the truly delectable, utterly addictive things I've ever consumed." Oh well, to each their own.

    Ohhh, a new job. How exciting. Enjoy. In a few weeks it will be like you've always been there :)

  2. I hope your first day on the new job goes wonderfully!!

  3. Good luck with the new job!

    My problem with shopping for "fresh" produce is that sometimes it doesn't get used up in time and then I end up thowing so much away. I need to learn how to shop in small quantities, more frequently!

  4. I may have missed it, but have you said what you're doing in your new job? I'm glad it went well. Deb


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