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[[ I found this on another blog - this is so good and it validates what I am trying to do.  I'm am excited to represent this new food movement!  I want a t-shirt that says ERF! (Eat Real Food) Think I will design one!
 http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/02/08/is-eat-real-food-unthinkable/   ]]


An old friend was at my house this morning.  It was so good to see her.  Funny how old friends so familiar and well known can be such a joy.  She was looking really good.  She has obviously lost a few pounds, she had a spring in her step and that old confident smile I remember.  She has been through some hard times but she has persevered and it is good to see her back on top!  There for  awhile, she was hard to recognize through all the extra weight. 

She had lost, for awhile, her womanly curves - poor dear.  Well today, the sit-ups and walking really showed, she has a waistline and her big ol' belly is slowly starting to disappear!  I felt so proud of her!  And I was so happy to see her again!  She is someone I can trust, someone who loves others and loves herself. 

This friend is someone I admire and encourage!  I would even go so far as to say, she is kind of a hero to me now.  She is strong and courageous - bold and daring and she is on a huge adventure.  She takes time everyday to cultivate this adventure and sets herself up for success as best she can.  And did I mention, where I found her?  I found her in my bathroom, staring back at me from my vanity mirror and grinning like a fool!  What a gal!  What a friend!  Love you girl!

That's All - Thanks Ya'll


  1. hahaha. Another blogger and I DID design a t-shirt. Youi are welcome to copy the design if you wish or if you just need info on how to design your own shirt (I realize that youi may already know, the info is on my blog. I don't have the link to those posts right now, but if you're interested and kind find it in my archive, let me know and I'll get you the link

    Our t-shirt says "Game On! NMRR"

    The NMFF stands for No More Food Foolishness. :D

    I have min on right now!

    Have fun with that.


  2. Oh. haha. I forgot, my blogger pic next to the comment is from the t-shirt. :D

  3. hahaha - yeah I saw that - love it!!!! Thanks for the info! How funny that you have it on right now. Love that too!!!!

  4. To have friends, near and dear, there is nothing better except to feel the love and support from your friend and to give it to your friend. YEAH!!! for friendships.


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