Hanging Out with Losers

You know how they say, "You are What You Eat"? I totally agree! Garbage in, garbage out.

I recently realized the same is true of friends/people influences.  I read other people's blogs and they seem to fall into two categories (and I have been in both) The Doers - those that say they want to lose and then by golly they go out and do it and the Talkers - those that try and then fall off, then pick back up and try again and fall off again.

What makes some people more successful and some folks - not so much? I guess if I knew the answer to that, I could sell that solution and be a very rich woman.

Tenacity?  Willpower?  Endurance?  Passion?  Desire?  Humiliation? Confidence? Self Love? Self Worth?  Self Depravation?  What is the Holy Grail of "Just Do It?"

Let's face it, for most of us who are overweight, something broke down.  Something fell apart somewhere.  Life became difficult and we turned to the pleasure of food, or maybe we just love our sweets and that love outweighed reason and inevitably we became less and less healthy.  Sometimes a serious health issue can drive the weight gain.  So many things can contribute to an unhealthy weight there probably are no end to possible scenarios.  But I still think it is safe to say that somewhere along life's journey, something broke down.

Sooooo....to turn things around and head the other direction we really do have to fix what is broken. I wonder if this is where the secret of success is buried.  In being willing to examine what is broken and take the steps to fix it.  Then the let the weight loss follow.

For me personally, what has been broken has been so buried within me that I really have a hard time understanding it all.  Some has been health issues, some has been life happens issues  and some has been some character deficiency and I don't mind saying, that is hard to admit.  Some has just been the weight of other people's b.s.

So what am I doing today to stay on track and put action to my words?  I am hanging out with Winners and Losers.  Winners in that I am trying to be involved with people who want to set goals and reach them.  Losers as in, the people who actually have lost or the ones that are truly in the process of losing.  I realized this when reading some blogs the other day.  Some people are really doing it - losing weight, being active and some people are really just partially submerged in the effort but not enough to push them forward to the point where they are consistent.

If I have learned one thing in all the years of struggle - Consistency is above so many other traits when it comes to losing weight. It was consistency that put me in the Women's World section at Dillard's and Consistency that will get me out!

I am tired of whining.  I am tired of being fat.  I am tired of food dictating my life. I am going to read more success stories and try to find more successful people.  I am determined to do what it takes to lose this weight and I don't want anyone or anything dragging me down. So bring on the losers!

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!

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