If a Tree Falls in the Forest and No One is Around Does it Make a Sound? If I Eat a Bag of Chips When No One is Around Does it Count?

Whew, what a title!  That about wore me out!  But I gotta be honest, I gotta write about this! 

Why do we sneak around and be bad?  Shame, embarrassment, or because if no one sees us it didn't really happen.  Or maybe it happened but I don't have to be accountable for it?  I have never been a big sneaker of food.  I have on occasion waited until my husband was in bed to make popcorn, but that's mostly because I don't like to share it with begging dogs that look at me sad eyes.  Of course Cooper, the big, little yorkie, hears me and comes running in to see what's up, most of the time.

But I do think there is some disconnect that if I am alone, I don't have to feel accountable for that food cheat.  I bought a little bag of potato chips at Walmart yesterday and ate them on the way home.  I knew my husband wouldn't give two rips if I ate chips or not - he never pressures me or makes comments and thank God he doesn't or I would probably smack him into next week. 

I don't think it is ever good to make comments about other people's habits.  If you are concerned about my health, we sit down and have a one on one about being healthy and everyone puts their cards on the table and takes their lumps.  But I couldn't stand to live with a man who made snide comments or judgmental overtures.  Everyone takes care of their own stuff, that's how I live, I move on...God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. I believe in unconditional love, minus judgment and keeping your side of the street clean and letting the other guy do the same. Most of us are doing the best we can with the tools we have.  Criticism, even that constructive stuff, can really wreck a bunch of tools

Anyway, it just seems that there is a disconnect when we do things and think no one sees or knows. It may be real enough to me that I just ate that whole enchilada when half would have been enough, but its not as real as it would be if I were dining with some of you guys! 

I am only writing this as a cautionary tale, not because I am feeling guilty for a three day binge.  I know where my week spots are and staying honest with myself is one of them.  I just want to keep driving that point home because I think it is so important to my success.  I think it was those little inconsistencies that  kept me down for so long.  Those little cheats all adding up and I wasn't cheating anyone but myself!  I don't wanna cheat me anymore!  I really wanna be honest!

I am going to eat an occasional little bag of chips but I am going to be honest that I ate them.  Not with my husband, he is not the food police, but with me.  Then I am going to make the adjustment and move on.  I am not here to beat myself up or try to be perfect!  Forget perfect! Its unobtainable and if you think you are perfect, ha, have I got news for you! ;)

I think its pretty clear that a tree makes a sound whether we are there to hear it or not just like a load of junk food has the same effect on my body whether I'm alone or in a crowd.  The point I have to remember is to keep on being real. Being true.  Being honest with me.  One felled tree doesn't ruin the whole forest and neither does one bag of chips a junk food junkie make...just don't start lining up a bunch of lumberjacks with chainsaws and everything is going to be okay...watch out!


That's all ~ Thanks y'all!!


  1. Great post! Isn't it amazing how we can lie to ourselves to make it "OK"? I mean - who are we really cheating when we do that? I'm glad you're being honest with yourself!

    One time, I told myself that I would log every single bite that went into my mouth. Well, when I had something I that I binged on, I wouldn't log it. How stupid was that? No one knew but me. And the food log wasn't a published document. I was only cheating myself. Like an ostrich with my head in the sand! And I didn't lose not even an ounce!

    1. It is amazing! I know exactly what you are talking about the food log - if I don't record it, it never happened - lol! It would be funny if it weren't so sad, because yes - we are cheating ourselves! But I am determined to keep up my quest for honesty with me! It is the key!

  2. We had a math teacher who explained the tree making a sound in the forest if it fell. It would make sound waves that are only heard when those sound waves meet up with someone's ear drum so if it falls and no one or no animal or something with ear drums is there then there would be no noise, only sound waves. Our chemistry teacher also explained to me why hot water freezes faster than cold water. You are so right about the accountability thing. I am guilty of not wanting others to see me when I eat things I shouldn't and know I shouldn't. I feel like they will be judging me when really it's me doing the judging.

    1. I hoped someone would "sound in" with the truth about sound! So it creates the sound waves even if no receptor picks them up and turns them into the expected sound...that just ties it in all the more!

      I think our success is largely tied to our accountability to us. It is for me the largest piece of the puzzle.

  3. It is funny how we find excuses for things not to "count!"

    I'm finding that My Annoying Fitness Pal is helping me feel like I have someone looking over my shoulder ALL THE TIME. Not that it keeps me from doing dumb things, but it is training me to be honest about and accountable for my own jackassery.

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