Comfort in My Own Skin and My Blue Jeans Too

Well, if life is about moderation and balance I think I may have found a path I can walk and be comfortable with, while still being challenged. 

I am not happy with being overweight, but I am happy with me.  I am not happy with a 22 minute mile but I'm happy I'm out there walking and I know I will get faster. I'm not happy with a double chin even though its smaller than it used to be, but I am honest about it being there as well as the rolls where there should be smooth sailing, if you know what I mean...but I am happy with my food choices and that I am eating so much healthier and feeling the effects.

So I guess you could say, I am feeling comfortable in my own skin.  I am owning the truth about where I am and where I want to be. I am not being rigid and judgmental of me, but I am making a huge effort to limit junk and promote vegetables and lean meats. I have a few goals like losing 100 pounds this year but I'm going to be happy if I just lose half of that.  It will be a huge improvement.  I crave those weekly walks.  I crave healthy meals.  I still crave junk food sometimes but after just a handful or two of chips something in me says that is more than enough, I think it is the voice of love though.  A bag of tortilla chips sat in the pantry, opened but untouched for over a week - now that is progress! I ate a few with some guacamole one day, then ate the rest of the guacamole the next day on a bed of lettuce and liked it just as much.  Can someone get excited about that?  I sure can! 

I put on some jeans the other day and they were huge on me!  I put on some white shorts from last summer and they were a little snug.  I was so disappointed until I realized - those are may favorite white shorts I couldn't wear last summer!  Come on now, someone needs to holler!!

This has prompted a closet revolution! I mean it is an all out war zone in there! Clothes are flying everywhere and a bunch of them have landed in the give away pile!  Well hallelujah and AMEN!

Here's a picture of the first wave of clothes heading to GoodWill.  And let me say, I do have good will toward them, I hope someone can use them and be happy to have them but I am sooooo very happy to get rid of them! Yahoo!

Now the moment I have been working toward, the real glory for me behind this post, I am so thrilled to get to write a line or two about this.  Ever since I started going from big to really big, I have been so uncomfortable in my clothes.  You do the best to find things that fit but nothing really feels good like, you know, your favorite pair of jeans used to.  You know those jeans that fit just right and hugged the right curves.  When you have so many curves I guess its hard for designers to do anything but give you a tow sack and wish you luck and, as if to punish you for letting your weight get away from you, they make the patterns really hideous. 

Even though I still have a few too many curves, more than I want, I put on this pair of jeans and they don't just pinch and bind, they actually feel good!  I want to shout it from the roof top - I feel good in these jeans!  That is such an inspiration to continue doing what I'm doing!  Just gotta keep it going!

So the mantra for the week:  Feel good in your own skin, make loving choices (sometimes tough love choices) and pretty soon you will feel even better in those even smaller jeans!

Watch out for flying clothes this week if you come near my place!

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!


  1. Just know that you have a friend on the West Coast that will always be proud of you.

  2. What a fun post!

    Congrats on the jeans you feel good in, that's a tough one, and even tougher is feeling comfortable in your own skin. Yay you!

    1. Thanks Crabby! It has been a tough battle and I know not to let my guard down! I'm super proud of myself though for toughing it out. It does get easier with good results and support from others! ty for stopping by and commenting!

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