Death by Distraction

We all know that texting and driving is a great way to wind up in an accident or even worse, in the cemetery. When operating heavy machinery you need to be focused and alert and pay attention to the road or other circumstance like the barn or the fence...you know what I mean.

I knew when I went back to work it would be a huge distraction and oh man was I ever right about that.  Last week I worked at least 40 hours between the two jobs and I was worn out.  Now I'm not complaining about working - I'm glad I'm working and feel so fortunate to have two great jobs, but that was a big adjustment in both stress and physical labor that I'm not accustomed to as of late. We did manage to get out and walk a few times but they weren't my best efforts, still I tried.

So here I am, at that proverbial crossroad and I have to decide.  Do I go forward with my journey and keep trying to lose weight or do I just say forget it and use the distraction of work as a valid excuse for my giving up?

Well for me its a pretty easy choice.  If I want to die young I can just blow off the healthy lifestyle I've been cultivating and my wish will be granted.  See, what I didn't know, and if you are 40ish or younger you may want to tune in here, is that being overweight comes with a bonus of many nasty health issues.  So far I've managed to collect high blood pressure, sleep apnea and pre-diabetes.  And those are the ones I know about. It's about time to go back to the doctor and get the follow-up diagnosis.  Lovely.  As if it's not depressing enough already.  But honestly, I would rather know. 

I spent enough time with my head in the sand.  Like the smoker that thinks oh that will happen someday and then all too soon someday arrives and the hell storm that follows is more than they imagined, or the drug addict, or the boozer or any of the habitual abusers of the body. We can pretend some day is far off but I promise - it's closer than we want to believe!!!!

Anyway, I do not want my epitaph to read "Death by Distraction".  I am determined to get my head in the game and figure out how to do this healthy life while working.  I don't have a choice and I want to say that out loud to myself.  Even if I don't die early from my weight, what will the quality of my life be in 5-10 years if I don't keep getting healthy?  It will suck!  I'm not really wanting that to happen. I would really like to turn this boat around.

This is me, laying down the gauntlet for myself.  Don't let the distractions get you off track.  Keep it real - keep it light - keep it out of the ditches!

Almost forgot this - hope this link works...If you are feeling down or defeated - check this guy out - he never gave up!


That's all ~ Thanks y'all!


  1. I think it's common for people to think it has to be one or the other. We can lose weight without exercising so eating smart and getting what exercise you can will take you to your goal. We know that and we will get this weight off. No distractions! No excuses! Hang in there.

  2. Yay you for being so determined to stay on track! It DOES sound challenging with the work logistics, so figuring out how to compromise and optimize and make the best of things will be tricky, but all that effort is SO gonna pay off. The mental/motivational stuff is half the battle, and you sound fired up. Good luck!


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