Swords to the Ready

I'm sure I heard or read this battle cry somewhere.  I used it one day in a comment on a fellow bloggers post and they liked it and it has stuck in my head so I thought I would write about it today. Obviously, swords to the ready is a battle cry. Raise your sword and be ready because we are about to engage the enemy.  The reason it resonates with me, and I think with my fellow blogger, is because it speaks of ACTION. It speaks of PREPAREDNESS. It speaks of the mighty BATTLE we are waging here.

I think about this in very serious terms.  Some of us, including me, are not fighting for a cute figure, or to impress our man, although if that is where you are good for you and power to you.  But some of us are fighting for our lives. High blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, cancer, all these diseases or conditions can be brought on or made worse by obesity.  We are not playing hopscotch here. This is a fight for freedom and longevity. I don't want to die younger than I should.  And I sure don't want to spend the next 20 years, which could be my last, in terrible shape. So I battle.

A word about the battle. First of all, it is a battle and every battle is a part of the war. If it were easy it wouldn't be so hard. Profound, I know. For some of us its an emotional battle, for others its mental or physical but I kind of think for most of us its all these battles just in different proportions. But wherever you fight it - it is a battle! And therefor, I believe down to the tips of my toes, we have to prepare ourselves.

I don't know about anyone else but I don't want to go onto the battlefield unprepared. I don't want to take a test I haven't studied for either!  I want to be studied up, have solid facts not just guesses about my opponent.  So I read trustworthy information that helps prepare and educate me.  I gather my tools and keep them sharp.  My water bottle, my recipes, my vegetables, my lean meats, my spices, my exercise of choice, they are organized, they are handy, they are all in order and ready. I also have a plan on how I am going to beat my adversary. If that plan is not working I will adjust that plan as necessary and I will remain watchful and flexible for the time when I need to make adjustments. I am prepared for battle. But sitting here on the hill being prepared with all my tools and knowledge are not gonna change a thing.  I must spring to action.

This is where the warrior and wimp part company.  The wimp in me can sit on that hill and talk about the battle and war all day, as the sun rises and sets and the opponent runs amuck. I can sharpen my sword daily and keep it in its sheath but it will not protect me or defend me.

But the warrior in me is restless.  The warrior in me knows that to win the battle I must engage in battle.  I am afraid of many things.  I am afraid of pain.  I am afraid of failure.  I am afraid I am not warrior enough. But as the dawn breaks over my shoulder, my warrior cries, GO!!!!, and I'm off! Charging down the hill lost in my zeal for victory I forget my fear! With every blow I strike against the enemy my confidence grows.  I begin to feel my rhythm as I spin, I duck, I throw my shield with one arm while swinging my mighty sword with the other.  I grow weary but I fight on and soon forget my weariness and see this battle could be mine!  Ah victory! I have won this battle! I have defeated one of the enemy camps! I rejoice! But not for long, tomorrow is a new day and there will be other battles in this epic war.  I retreat to prepare for the next adventure. 

Sometimes I forget I have the tools to be successful.  Sometimes I forget I have the courage. However I never forget about the battle!

Oh how I love the days when sitting on the hill I feel the rumble of the enemy approaching, and knowing the battle is at hand, the warrior rises up in me and with a mighty voice, at the top of her lungs cries out,

"Warriors Alert! Swords To the Ready!" 

That's All ~ Thanks Y'all!

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