Tools of the Trade

Okay - I got all the emotional, touchy/feely stuff out of my system.  Now moving on into 2014 I am pleased to announce a new tool, a new goal setter, a new toy and they are all three one in the same.

My tech savvy mom, who is almost 70, said the other day, isn't technology great?  I don't know what we were doing, sharing pics of my nephew via text probably or something equally cool that us old ladies know how to do these days, anyway using some form of technology.  I had to agree, technology is great, until its not, but hey until it goes off road and contributes to the delinquency of a minor - technology is an asset in most cases. I have to agree on that! 

So with that thought, you know what else is great? Talking to other people, especially young people about how they stay fit because you always learn something. I would not know half the cool things I know about society and its changes through the years if I did not embrace those younger than me and embrace the fact they have their finger on the pulse of life. I learn from them all the time and I am thankful, so very thankful, they don't scare me, intimidate me, offend me (except for the kid that lives in the apartment above us in Cordova - that kid needs a dose of "quit running in the freakin house for three hours straight on Saturday morning"). Most of youth delights me with their new ideas and need to change the world. They challenge me and my tendency to lean toward old age. 

Kristen the one who got us all started!
While in Arkansas we went on a rock climbing/yoga adventure with some of our grown children at a local climbing gym. As a side note, I am so proud of my daughter Kristen.  She works so hard all day then goes to the gym at night and climbs and then does yoga. She is also working on her masters. She reminds me of the me I once was and the me I miss so much.  Active and loving life, she has surpassed me by miles and miles but I recognize her spark! I feel proud of her in a momma kind of way. It is always fun to see a child pick up a good trait from us and run with it. Kristen has, literally, she is the only one of us that has lived abroad or run a marathon. She is quite the trailblazer.  Her interest in rock climbing has sparked our family - well most of us! Her fearless and gutsy attack on life also inspires us! Kristen cheered me on in my first ever 5k, years ago when I was still fit, she was about 7 or 8 and she cried because I wasn't going to win the race. She would probably cry with joy now if I just entered one. Soon daughter, soon!

Anyway, back to rock climbing...which I promise will tie in with the technology thing...

While at the gym I talked to one of my son's friends, Chadwick, about his recent increase in healthy living. Chadwick is getting ready to join the Marines and has been running and trying to lose a few pounds and get in the best shape possible. So we swapped ideas about how to do this healthy living thing. He asked me if I had heard of the ap, Run Keeper.  Nope. He encouraged me to check it out - its a free ap and it keeps up with your exercise activity, the length of your run/walk and even the path you take.  It will play your playlist if you want and give you audible cues on distance and time.  Your own personal trainer in your pocket - for free. Plus it encourages you to set a goal and tells you where you need to be to reach that goal.  Such as, to loose 100 pounds by January 9, 2015 I have to loose 1.9 pounds a week. It even told me this would be a hard goal to reach. Ya think?

I am on board.  I love it.  Thanks Chadwick!  A new piece of technology can be so encouraging.  Tracking progress keeps me challenged and keeps me from guessing or cheating.  Better to know the truth - if you aren't moving at your normal pace - or you need to pick up the pace, honesty is your friend. (I think honesty is always your friend but not always the easiest path.) 

Technology is great mom! You are right!  Especially if we use it to better ourselves and hold ourselves to a higher standard, if that is what we are looking for and that is what I'm looking for right now.  I have to want more and give more if  I want to be healthy.  I do want to be healthy.  I can be happy where I am but if I want to be happy and healthy I need all the tools I can possibly use for the best chance at success.  If weight loss and exercise are my job this year, then Run Keeper is one of the tools of my trade. Come to think of it - positive relationships with other health nuts are also a tool of the trade!  Put them in the toolbox Kim and lets get moving!!!

My son Reed on the left and Chadwick who is like a son on the right, starting their climb...

30 feet up the wall - its harder than it looks!
Kristen doing a complicated path up a 30' wall, great guns!

My daughter Gracie, stretching for yoga.
Reed learning the ropes.

My handsome husband climbing!

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!


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