Get a Life

Get a Life!

Ouch - that is a hurtful phrase but I gotta say - it is sooo true. I really want a life right now so - watch out world - she's on the loose...

Well the effort  may not have quite that much gusto behind it but I am trying to find a job. That is the last piece of the puzzle for life in Memphis.  (If you follow my blog you know this but if not, I am in Memphis for a short time while my husband works on his masters of Nursing. Feeling displaced and confused, I am finding the new me while we are here...so far its working out well.)

Moving here in August, my husband and I decided to focus on fitness first then when I was ready, probably after the holidays, I would amp up my job search. I did receive a nice call from a manager at the FedEx corporate office. It was a job in my field of graphic design but the skill set was above my level.  A little program called Flash, which is motion graphics, which means it is graphics built on a time line and some type of animation is created. It is not impossible to learn but it does take a lot of practice and study to learn, especially the programming side - so not something they wanted to train me for, something they wanted to tap into someone else's training dollars and hire the ready made version. So my search continues.

The funny thing is, I really don't know exactly what I want to do.  So few of us graphic designers stay in the field.  I wish I had known this before I declared my degree.  In graphic design many companies want fast results that wow the client or boss and achieve neck-breaking perfection in detail but...they don't really want to pay you much to kill yourself over the project or compensate you for the stress. So it is this very lop-sided world of high expectation and poor compensation.  Most of my fellow graduates have opted out of the design world after being out of school 7 years and not making any money.  A few have stayed but like me - when weighing the future - some of those are looking around for other things to do.

The biggest problem is we are creative people.  The curse. When people find out I am a quasi-artist they always say - oh I wish I was creative.  No you don't.  Believe me, you don't. Don't get me wrong, I love the sensitive, artistic, creative person that I am but I am realistic.  I'm always the emotional one, the broke one, the one that can't figure out what to do or how to stick with it, the adventurous one that no one in the family understands, the one that worries too much, gets too dark, gets too light, and collapses in a heap of creative goo.  That sounds like fun huh?  Well it can be but oh how I crave the structure, the discipline, the rigidity of a "real job" - until I have it - then I resent the confinement and boringness.

But...I have to put all of that aside and just do it like Nike says - or used to say. So I am looking. And what is the point of all this rambling?  Well one is just to ramble and get it all out there so its not in here rolling around but the realization for me is - I'm bored.  And I'm glad I'm bored because it means I have had enough time to settle in, create some new habits in fitness and diet and now I am ready to add the stress of work to the mix and see if my new habits hold.  Its a time of testing the waters. 

Also, I am thankful for the weight I have lost, it makes me feel better about myself and I definitely feel more energetic and capable. Living healthy, defined as exercise and healthy diet, has brought new and good things to my life. I hope this is always my focus.  Healthy first.  Job second.  I think I can handle this new life- once I get one - Sooooooo......bring it on!

That's all ~ Thanks y'all

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  1. I wish you luck as you try to figure out what is next. BTW, my hubby is a nurse,,too. An administrator now. I think it is terrific that your hubby is in nursing grad school.we need more really good male nurses!


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