The Next 12 years

I love, love, love the Biggest Loser.  I realize some people may disagree and some may even strongly disagree and I get it.  It is unrealistic for most of us to be on a ranch without a job, without a spouse, without a child and just eat and work out our way to our fitness goals.  The reason I love it is because everyone has a story.  Everyone has a deciding moment when they must chose to stay freakin fat or get their lives together. I relate. 

Also, I can look at what they do and say wow, you worked your but off even if all you did was workout enough to create enough video to tape this show and if you worked out that much (plus more hopefully) and you have a great support team and you still only lost 5 pounds this week then my little 2.5 looks pretty good. I think it is some of the best entertainment I have on my short list of t.v. shows. 

I really enjoy the way the trainers work with the overweight people. No judgment, no criticisms but no excuses.  Last week something Dolvett Quince, one of the trainers, said to a contestant really struck me. They were talking about how far this person had come in 12 weeks and Dolvett said something about what they could accomplish in 12 years.  Bam.  It hit me. I want to get there as fast as I can, I feel like my life depends on getting healthy for one thing.  But I'm also tired and sick and tired of being tired and tired of being the fat girl.  I never thought I would be the fat girl. I feel so uncomfortable being the fat girl. So I really can't wait to shed the weight!

But lets say I don't reach my goal of 100 pounds this year.  Its not over.  This will never be over.  This is me living an active and healthy life.  There was a time I didn't know if I could trust myself to commit to a lifetime of healthy habits but I really think I am ready.  I have proven to myself there is no end to this.  I may fall off the wagon and eat unhealthy for a few days in row but that has even shown me that I don't feel good when I don't eat healthy and my body gets really perturbed. I am so much happier eating healthy and exercising.  So much happier. 

In fact, my husband was out of school today and he went to yoga with me and then we walked for 2 miles and I am cooking turkey and cabbage for supper so I have already had a great day and will end up with a great day!  I am thrilled with this.  It's such a boost to have a good day and I am full of gratitude to myself for doing what I know I'm supposed to do. For doing what I know will ultimately help me reach my goal and bring me better health. 

So I have been at this about 19 weeks and even though I may not have lost the 75-100 pounds I could have on Biggest Loser.  I have lost about a pound a week and I think that is pretty darn good.  The best thing of all though is knowing, unless something drastically changes in my life, healthy living is what I'm going to be doing the next 12 years and I will take that over all the temptations of bad eating and t.v. surfing in the world.

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!

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