I have seen many people writing on their facebook daily about what they are thankful for this year.  I have to say, this is very inspiring.  Nothing lightens my mood or puts my life in perspective better than counting my blessings.  So here are a few things I'm thankful this year.

Thankful first and foremost for my family. 

From the parents who gave me life to parents I inherited through marriage, I have awesome parents.  Giving, loving and supportive people who have sacrificed for me and loved me for many years. They have built a foundation of faith, love and charity that grounds our families.

Also for my siblings, the ones I grew up with and the extended siblings I have through marriage.  They are all fine people who bring richness into my life.  I have many loving relationships and though I'm not as close to some of them as I wish I were I have a great admiration and love for all of them.  They are the building blocks of my life and the walls that contain many happy memories and a framework that strengthens me and my endeavors.

I am thankful for my children.  They surprise me and delight me as well as challenge me.  They represent the future of me as well as the legacy of my life.  They will carry the torch when we are all gone.  As they have left the nest and begun their own lives they have become windows into a the world where I see things more clearly and find things I never knew before. They make me a better me.

I am thankful for my friends.  I only have a few deep friendships and they are hard to maintain because I'm not all that great with keeping in touch.  But I thank God for the people who care about me because they want to, they choose to.

Thankful for my two little dogs that have no trust issues, no judgments, and no memory of perceived wrong doing.  They appreciate every kindness and reciprocate every touch. 

Thankful for my health and especially my improving health.  So glad to be working toward a better me. 

Thankful for all the twists and turns of life that have brought me to this point. Some decisions were good and some were not so good but each decision has worked to form the best me I know how to be.

So many more but trying to condense this, I am thankful for my husband.  He really is my other half.  We have had to learn each other in many different ways over the years (young lovers, parents, empty nesters) but we have always found some way to make it work.  He knows me like no one else ever will, the good and the bad.  He allows me space to be myself and encouragement to follow my dreams.  He is a provider and helper and most of all he is a partner.  It is not perfect, we are not perfect but I have a life with him and hope for the future in our relationship. 

God has richly blessed me.  I am thankful for so many things.  When I think of those who are suffering in the Philippines who have so many of their life's blessings ripped from their hands I know just how blessed I am. 

I hope through this difficult holiday season with so much change and challenge I can continue to focus on all that I am thankful for. 

That's all ~ Thanks y'all 

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