The Life I Lead

A candle dimmed Saturday 
and the curtain fell loose on the life of my dear friend and mentor, Helen Phillips.

Helen 2006
She would laugh at this picture and I can hear the sound of it in my head.  Helen introduced me to the world of clay.  She was an instructor at the University of Central Arkansas for many, many years and touched the lives of many students. She lived for a time in Okinawa to learn her craft from a sage, old potter there, I wish I could remember his name. She was in one word, amazing.  I cannot accept that she is gone. Helen will always live on through her legacy of people who love her. 
I would like to honor Helen by trying to carry some of her spirit into my life.
This is a tall order but worth the effort. 
{These are the traits I would like to embrace}
Not to judge others but accept everyone just as they ~ embrace­ even those less easy to like and if I still do not like them only let them know if absolutely necessary ~ be humble ~ be gentle ~ be kind ~ be strong ~ be resilient ~ be brave ~ be a hero ~ be unwilling to be a victim ~ teach others by example ~ be real ~ be opaque and transparent in the correct proportion ~ be open to new ~ be ageless and timeless ~ refuse to bend when bending would go against your belief ~ dream the big dreams ~ follow the big dreams even if people think you're crazy ~ love unconditionally ~ love life ~ love myself ~ laugh at myself more than I laugh at others ~ be aware of the bigger world and participate ~ create a beautiful life and then share it with others.
Helen, if I could hold your precious, talented hands in mine and say anything to you it would be this.  "Thank you for teaching me how to throw pots and fire them and embrace the artist inside me. Thank you for teaching me how to be a better person.  My life was deeply touched by yours and enriched by having known you. You will forever be in my heart dear friend and that is a promise. May the life I lead cast a shadow that looks like you over the days ahead."
The Creek by her home that she was so happy about because of the wild watercress that grew there.
Rest In Peace

Thank you sharing in remembrance of a dear friend. That's all. Kim


  1. before i even read your post i could see in her pic that she was artsy :)

  2. She was an amazing artist. Words do her no justice but I did what I could. Thank you Cindy.

  3. I will never forget how this kind and wise woman touched my life.
    Janet Gulley-Myers


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