Starting Somewhere

This morning when my husband and I took our dogs to the park to walk we saw two largely obese folks struggling through their morning walk.  I only give this description to say, I applaud them their courage and their determination to go out - against all odds and fight for fitness.  Because I now realize how hard it is to tip the scale.  How defeating each ounce can be and the more they add up to pounds the more isolated, hopeless and frustrated a person can feel. 

I am so sorry for whatever brought them to that point of their lives but I am so proud they are choosing to make a change. This is why I love to blog, well one of the many reasons.  We are not alone in our journey, our misery or even the problems or catalysts that brought us to the moment where we said "Enough".  I wish I could share the blogging world with them but I cannot be presumptuous or even think they need my help.  People tend to want to do this alone I think, until they are ready to add in cheerleaders, fellow fatties, or any kind of assistance and then those are hand picked and they should be. 

The more I move, the more I feel like moving and then the more I move.  This time it is not alone, it is not out of obligation, it is only because I crave it.  I want this for me!  I still don't trust myself but like those precious souls out there trying this morning - I am thankful for starting somewhere. 

That's all ~ Thanks yall!


  1. Agreed! It took courage to get out there and walk. It's all a step at a time.

  2. I thought I would have less sympathy for larger people as I shrunk but I sympathize now more than ever. Obesity such a vicious cycle that it's almost impossible to see a way out of it. All it takes is a start and that's what those people were doing. I hope they had a great workout that it gave them the motivation to keep moving! I cheer everyone on that I see whether they know it or not :)

  3. We're all at different stages... and who knows where we'll be in the future. I'm thankful for the level of fitness that I'm at now, striving to do a little better each day and mindful of just how quickly it can all slip away. Great post.


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