First and Ten Let's Do It Again!

I love football season!  The breeze begins to whisper of cooler days, holidays and change.  School is in full swing and rivalry fires are stoked with pep rallies and press conferences.  AND.  Football is played out for us every weekend in arenas that take us full circle in human existence. Of course being more civilized now the men wear protective gear and try to not to kill each other unlike their gladiator predecessors, well most of them don't. 

To me football is like a chess game except all the pieces move at one time.  In an elaborate mix of collisions, confrontations, tackles and escapes, each player knows his role and fights for his footing, his agenda, his 10 seconds of glory and the victory for his team, coach and fans.  (and his momma!)  A smart, mindful team who is well coached will treat each play as an individual event while keeping in mind that it is part of the whole event.  They will be intelligent, observant, aggressive but agile in their quest and most importantly they will be grounded. 

Being grounded is being educated in your role, your goal and your plan of attack.  It is being prepared for the moment both physically and mentally so when the moment comes the body moves from memory of repetition and the force of desire to reach the goal. 

The best part of football for me are moments when the running back digs his heels in and uses those mighty legs that could lift a house to gain just a few more inches.  He sacrifices life and limb to protect the ball while forcing his body into a conflict that most of us would run from.  This is the human spirit fighting for the goal the player has programmed his mind to believe is the most important goal of the moment.  It is beautiful, poetic and often graceful. Even more exciting is the receiver, sandwiched between two defenders summoning his mightiness to leap higher, faster and more accurately than his opponents so he is the one to catch the prize.  His delighted quarterback pounds his back on the sideline and revels in the athleticism of both he and his teammate and their ability to produce on demand the kinetic energy needed to pull off such an amazing feat. 

These are moments we live for.  Every broken play, boring play, blocked play we yawn through is forgotten like childbirth once the glory comes down, so to speak and the prize is delivered.  First Down.  The high school cheerleaders chant, "You got a first and 10 let's do it again"...

And so it is in weight loss, in reclaiming one's body, in pulling back from the sedentary abyss to arrive in the glory of the moment when a walk that would have crippled you for days a few weeks ago leaves you wanting more.  When dread turns to delight because your body that has been a source of shame and even disgust begins to reshape and perform.  When you feel yourself digging in for every inch of health and fitness you can win and confronting every obstacle in your path as if your life depended on that one moment. Now you are connected and grounded where once you stood on the sidelines wishing to be on the field.  You leap for the ball, you connect and you take your victory slap on the ass with great pride. 

The play is over but you fly high.  Every day is a new opportunity to improve instead of another day to watch yourself slip further down the roster.  I love football, it inspires me, delights me and reminds me - I have the first and 10, and now, I will do it again, and again and again until I hit the goal line. 

Touchdown Kimberly.  The crowd goes wild.

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!

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