The Only Failure is in Quitting

Back again. No, I haven't quit.  I haven't fallen off the face of the earth but I haven't been doing that great either.  However, I made myself a promise when I started this, that I was not going to beat myself up.  I have come close a few times and I have been accused of it a couple of times, but I have no desire to berate myself - the world is hard enough on us heavy folks - I wouldn't throw in with them for anything. 

So here is the sad truth, if you are looking for blogs of people who have it together and have all the answers, obviously - this is not it.  This blog started out being for me and will end being for me and if some folks read this and find humor, encouragement or even a list of what not to do - then great.  I wish I was one of those blogs ( I have read a couple) where the person made up their mind to do and did it and the blog is mostly about their challenges and triumphs.  I have the challenges covered but the triumphs are still a little beyond my reach.  But once again - I haven't given up.  I keep reminding myself I will not fail if I never give up.  I may go to my grave still trying - but I will not have failed if I never give up.

Now - I would like to give a shout out to two precious bloggers who constantly inspire me to keep trying.  (I have many more but these two ladies really prop me up when I am down.)

First is Chris - check out her latest post here:


and Second is Dawn:


I hope these links work if not - I will try again.  Anyway - two totally different approaches, two totally different folks with different personalities.  So what makes it work for them?  They are determined and steadfast and they are not about excuses but simply put - they are changing their internal dialogue.  They are putting themselves first and being their best.  Thanks to these two heros - and many more - I keep on trying and I am not giving up. 

Gotta get ready for my walk.
That's all
Thanks Ya'll

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  1. Doing it for you is key!! I have been at this journey for so many years - and it is true - the key is NOT quitting! Cuz one day.. it's gonna click!! Keep at it! :)


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