The traps...

Reading other peoples' blogs is so enlightening and helpful.  Just yesterday as I was reading a blog of one of the folks I like to follow, I read a comment left for her.  It was trying very hard not to be confrontational while confronting and it was full of love, concern and truth  as best I could tell and it was received that way as best I could tell.

The blogger was writing about not giving up, about pitfalls and stumbles ect. 

The commenter was asking about the pitfalls of certain numbers.  That is when i had my moment. 


okay - so I have these quiet frequently and I am starting to learn that having them is one thing, assimilating them into reality and practice is different...but any way...

Commenter is pointing out and asking quite timidly - are there certain numbers on the scale that trip you up? 

(YES! I shout! or when anyone says hey you look like you lost weight or when my new jeans feel kinda loose.)

Now I have breathing room - now I can fudge a little - WRONG!  Now you are just starting to reach your goal - you have made a baby step don't bounce now!  I was glad to know - I am not alone.  Many of us, talking to me here, seem to have a threshold we can tolerate and when we drop below that threshold we tend to want to slack off for awhile and coast a little.  Problem is - we coast back to that threshold weight and then comes that shame and guilt knocking on the door! 

I can't tell you how tomorrow will be. Yesterday I was right at 1800 calories.  Today I am probably right there again - about to go decipher that. Tomorrow?  I hope to do the next right thing.  There are traps, there are pitfalls and sneaky little games I play. 

It's a choice.  I pray for strength that goes beyond what I am capable of - I know I am susceptible to the traps.  It's gonna be a fight.  Hang onto your hat!

That's all! Thanks Ya'll!


  1. I was in a slump for over 5 months with no weight loss and a few pounds gained. I definitely slacked off and certainly was not as disciplined. That is exactly why the scale moved slightly upward and not downward.

    DO you follow Dr. Fit? She had a great post today on struggle.Here it is: http://drfattyfindsfitness.blogspot.com/2011/06/its-struggle.html

  2. Oh yes. Makes sense to me. My threshold is where I am now. I am NOT okay with size 20 or 22 jeans, but I have lived with 18s for ten years?? UGH... I need to make a size 8 my new comfort size. lol I am here supporting you along the way. I know we are both on a "mission" right now, but lets remember to have fun along the way so the journey is worth it. :)

  3. In a way, it's a relief to find we aren't the only one that struggles with a particular thing, yes?!

    For me, I'm still working to figure out why I keep snagging at a particular spot... kind of like having a blind spot. Sometimes others can help us by being "mirrors" to see where we can't yet see, ya know??

    We'll get there. It might take time to figure it out, but we'll get there.

    Off to check out that link to Dr Fit. :-)

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