Do the Next Right Thing _ It works!

Well - I did what I said I was gonna do -

I simply did the next right thing.  I think I am on to something here!  So simple are the slogans of AA and Alanon but so life changing and so true.  I don't want to get preachy at all, I don't like to be preached at and I am not really that kinda person but what works just works. 

I was feeling blue - my first outing at a pool this summer - that is always a reality check.
Trying to get back on the healthy eating cycle - that's a big commitment and takes a huge surge of energy to jump the first hurdle and probably lack of sleep all combined to really overwhelm me yesterday.  I just wasn't feeling it in my last post.  Then through my overwhelmed, self victimized state i realized - I could do one simple thing - the next right thing. 

For me, yesterday, the next right thing was to get up from the computer and go cook a vegetable so I would have something healthy prepared and ready at meal time.  I chose a new asparagus recipe I found on Epicurious.com  - great site by the way.  Well one thing led to another and another and another and before I knew it I had stopped procrastinating and put my journey in action - not just in thought and word but in deed after deed.  Preparing food for the week - getting things organized.  

I am about to go count my calories for the day.  I verified my intake level earlier and to lose weight I should be eating between 1800 and 2000.  Of course if I can do less and still feel satisfied and get all my nutrients - I am certainly willing to go below 1800 but I feel like that is a good goal to start back with. 

Perfection doesn't live here, guilt and shame are the neighbors I avoid, pity is locked in the closet and I don't want to find the key - I just simply want to do the next thing...

That's all! 
Thanks Ya'll!


  1. great job! good day. the next right thing. Here's to another one tomorrow.

  2. Great job... THis also ties into to living for today, not letting past actions effect what we choose today. Rebound is important. ;) Here's to another day of great choices!


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