Keep Coming Back It Works If YOU Work It

I have made reference to AA and Al anon a few times since I began blogging, some 70+ posts ago.  I have a dear loved one that attends AA or her churches version of it called Celebrate Recovery.  For many months I attended Al anon, the group that meets to support each other because of alcoholism, drug addiction etc. of a loved one that has touched their lives and caused them pain. 

It is an amazing group - both are amazing groups.  At least in my limited experience.  I really learned some wonderful lessons when I was attending Al anon.  Things like, "Your business stops at the end of your nose", meaning that many times we try to force solutions or "help" others.  In reality, we need to focus on bettering us and letting other folks benefit from the consequences of their own decisions as we do the same.  I learned, "Let go and Let God", another way of saying - Let things go and stop controlling and turn it over to the higher power of your understanding. I learned the serenity prayer and I have prayed it so many times! 

           God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. 

If that doesn't say it all - then honestly I don't know what could.

Every meeting, we would stand in a circle and hold hands and say together, "KEEP COMING BACK - IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT"  Those words are tattooed in my brain.  The "It" is the 12 step program.  "It" really does work.  But the coolest thing about AA and Al anon in my opinion, is not just recovery from alcohol and it's affect or drugs and their devastation, it is that both programs have a road map for life that is  full of useful, meaningful tools.  Things I can even apply to my weight loss, like keep coming back - it works if you work it. 

I don't really know what prompted me to write about it tonight.  The first night I went I cried through the whole meeting as many new folks do.  I was devastated that it had come to that, I was scared and alone but so many people there knew exactly what I was feeling.  So many people had stories too.

Just like we are a community, strong because we all get it - they are too.  Time prevents me from being faithful to a group right now, but I know i will return some day. 

I have lost a couple of pounds this week if I can just make it through the weekend!  I am right at 1500 calories today and feel full and satisfied.  I am about to go out walking with my daughter and maybe try that third mile tonight?  fingers crossed.  I really appreciate all of you in the blogging community that contribute to my success - in what you post and what you comment on my posts.  You all have made a difference in my life. I really can't do it alone! I will keep coming back because it is working as I work it!

That's all - Thanks ya'll


  1. I am completely, wholly with you when you say other bloggers and their comments have made a difference to my life, and I can't do it alone. I feel so much the same. I feel like I, at 47 have been waiting my whole life to meet these people!
    We need to keep coming back for ourselves and keep coming back for each other, to do our bit to help everyone else along the way. it isn't easy, but its easier together

  2. Hi, I just discovered your blog through Christine at a Deliberate Life and was reading some of your old posts. I love that you're dealing with the spiritual and emotional side of eating, not just the physical. And now, to see this 12 step post! I'm surprised you haven't come across OA yet. It's funny how 12 step looks outside of the rooms and how unbelievably beautiful they are inside. Or, what you said! Best of luck!


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