I can't be your role model - thanks mean joe

I remember when Charles Barkley shocked the sports world when he confessed, " I don't want to be a role model for kids"  I'm pretty sure a host of other professional athletes had felt the same way but I personally don't remember anyone before him broadcasting it quite so strongly and so assured of his stand being the right stand.  But I think we all snickered a little behind our hands. You are subject to becoming a role model if you are in the public eye.  You may not want the pressure, the responsibility, the guilt - the whatever but it comes with life.  Especially public life.  His point was parents should be guiding their kids, not superstar, millionaire athletes.  So snickering aside - we all agree - but really Charles?  It was kinda silly for a superstar basketball player to think he could escape at least a little hero worship.

Well here's another shocker - I'm a mother of four and sometimes I don't want to be a role model either.  I know, not so funny. But guess what Kim?  (Talking to myself - please excuse)  You are a role model.  Every day - all day.  Is it your FAULT if your kiddos go awry - well no - they have choices to make just like I did.  But is it possible to set either a good positive example or a poor shameful example? Yes. And it will affect them?  You can bet it will.

So what kind of example am I living in front of my children by being overweight?  I am not trying to beat myself up.  Nope - I don't wanna go there.  And if it were just a few pounds, I would be a setting a bad example to make a fuss.  But my children see me not taking care of my body, not exercising and not eating right.  I just think I should at least try to do better.  I think it is important to at least do my best.  I'm not shooting up heroine or eating Twinkies, but Yeah - I can do better than I do.

There was a Coca Cola commercial when I was much younger of a little boy after a football game, meeting up with Mean Jo Green on his way to the locker room after a football injury, the kid in his sweet innocent voice offers Mean Joe his coke and at first is rejected.  Then the burly, sweaty football player takes the coke, drinks it and it sets the world back to right.  I think that's a good example for me.  Rough, ragged, sweaty and sometimes feeling defeated, I can let the innocence of those I love and treasure set the world right for me.  Let their freshness and youth feed me and make me better. I'm gonna be a role model whether I like it not.  I should try my best to make it count for good.

Thanks Mean Joe...

That's all thanks ya'll...

Mean Joe Green and His Coke Moment


  1. Great post! You are a role model and will continue to be as your children see you make this getting fit and healthy journey last. They will learn through your example. What a legacy. It will happen. You will see. Stay strong. You can do it!

  2. Your writing is so from the heart and I can relate to all that you share. I don't have kids, but I have clients and a job that needs me to be healthy to be truly successful, because of the same reason - how can I ask others to do something unless I am willing to do it myself? Drink water, get sunshine, get exercise, eat well. All things I want for my clients, but unless I do it for myself, I am just a joke. Use whatever inspiration you can that FIRES you up! :)

  3. I love this post. It is so true, no matter what when your in the eyes of children they are looking up to you, watching and learning. We need to do our best to show them how to do it so they can learn too.
    Keep up the great work, you'll get there. Thanks for stopping by. I always love it when you do that.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  4. You may find yourself being a wonderful role model to your children. They will learn that to change is good, and in order to achieve goals there has to be hard work and determination to succeed.
    You're doing all the right things now, have no regrets about what you did or didn't do in the past just go for it now...we're backing you all the way too


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