Beginning Anew

I love these surges...

I am sometimes a procrastinator.  Usually on things like shaving my legs, going to the doctor, cleaning the bathroom, paying a one time bill - I put it off as long as possible.  I guess I don't like those random inconveniences that turn into responsibilities and nag at me.  They do tend to pile up though and before I know it they are taking over.  But...

There always come these random days of energy that seem to take care of those lapses.  This motivation bubbles up from deep within and before I know it the bill is paid, the doctor visit behind me, the legs shaved, the housework at least started and the rare feeling that I have some flex time before the next big pile of stuff.

Is that manic?  I don't know.  I don't think so.  I took the day off to go to the doctor because I haven't had a female visit in 9 years.  OMG I didn't realize it had been that long.  Having the spark to do that I took the rest of the day off and everything else is just falling into place. 

I do need to add up my calories for the day but yesterday ended well and last night I walked the 3 miles I had wanted so bad.  I think the walking is empowering me to take care of other things.  My daughter walked with me and that made it even better.  I thought a moment about the title of my blog that I chose randomly when I first started this healthy weight loss several months ago.  It turns out that it was a good choice of name for me and my effort. 

I am beginning anew.  It's fresh and exciting and even though I had a relapse, I never gave up.  I am proud of myself and I am encouraged.  I have decided that one reward I am going to give myself is a great pair of jeans every time I lose a size.  Next time my jeans get too baggy - I get a brand new pair and each new pair is going to be more expensive so that when I get down to a size 8 - money is no object.  I am going to buy the jeans I want and not even look at the price tag.  I will have earned those. 

So - these are my random thoughts for the day.  me being me.  thanks for being you and helping me be me!

That's all - Thanks ya'll!


  1. Hey! brilliant ...me too! I buy a new pair of Jeans for every size. As soon as I'm in the new jeans it feels fantastic. I have little silly daydreams about the next pair and how I will look and feel!. I hope this reward works fantastically for you and encourages you all the way down!

  2. Beginning anew: such a great title. Here's to a slew of great days like today! Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh wouldn't that be grand, to have at least one pair of expensive jeans, not the ones from the thrift stores, Kohl's clearence racks or hand-me-down. Good luck heading to your size 8. You can do it, I have all the faith in the world for you.
    I know about waiting to the last minute for a few things, my desk can prove that.
    You just keep up the walking, counting those calories and you'll be there in no time at all.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  4. I think sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves and let things pile up because it's just "too much." If we would enjoy each day a little more and nag at ourselves a little less, maybe all that "stuff" wouldn't matter so much and we would just get to what we can and what makes sense and let the rest go until it does make sense to do it. Or something like that.. lol. Enjoy!!

  5. The new jeans idea is great. I really need to get my motivation together like you did. Is's o hard sometimes. Thanks for your post.

  6. This post started like I was reading my own writing. I do the same thing, put things off, procrastinate. In fact, borrowed a book about procrastination from the library and haven't started it. In my defense I am reading another library book, but it deliberately didn't get picked first of the two I borrowed. I am starting over, and this is what brought me to your blog, those two little words. It's nice to meet you. Smiles, Sheri

  7. Checking in on you. Hope you are enjoying summer and have a happy Fourth!!!

  8. I love this post. Keep it up, Kim!


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