Holding My Own

You know, that is a cool little expression...Holding My Own

Emphasize Holding and it might mean you are focusing on the holding, what type of holding?  A tight grip, a loose grasp, a bear hug or slung over my shoulder like a casual coat. Holding - My Own.  Not laying down my own or throwing away my own but holding it - I like to think - in reverence.  As if holding dear. 

Then a double personal - (not really an English term - I know) My Own.  It's mine and I take ownership of it.  Emphasis on MY - its not yours - its not any one's - just mine.  Emphasis on Own - a possession. 

So if I am "Holding My Own"  -  I am not letting it get away from me, I  recognize that it could but I'm not letting it.  I like this.  While I am not making great strides in my weight loss right now - I am holding my own.  I am still eating as healthy as I can.  I am staying positive and looking forward to the next window of opportunity when I can advance. 

I am still guilt free as I believe I am truly doing the best I can right now.  I still refuse to beat myself up or make excuses.  My life is busy, I am tired, I am doing the next right thing and if the scale doesn't move, then I know I will eventually change my course.   For now I am content, Holding My Own, letting go of perfect and striving for well done.

That's all thanks ya'll!


  1. I know what you mean..blech. feel better and hang in there.

  2. You ar free to be and live. ;) Of course there is more to you than "weight loss" - exploring our other passions can actually help us in that area as well. Take care of yourself!

  3. It is all a matter of perspective isn't it. Feeling like the scales are going nowhere is horrible...yet not gaining ..holding steady isn't such a bad place to be. We are all going to want to be there at the end, and time spent maintaining is not a waste of time, you're learning what you need to do to hold your weight. I know that isn't what you want right now, but it isnt a gain and when you find your mojo again, you won't have gains to lose all over again. Sounds like you're well...holding your own x

  4. You are doing well and you are aware of what you are doing. Holding your own can also mean your holding yourself.....giving yourself the hug that you need to go from day to day.


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