???Who Knows Where My Head Is???

So strange that I don't have anything to write.  I am fighting off the last of the virus, still coughing and stuffy in the nose.  But I feel so much better otherwise.  Thanks to all for your well wishes and your prayers. 

I suppose I have a lot on my mind, training at work, working late to get caught up, other things that are crowding out my creative spark.  It will be back soon - that's just the way it is...

I had a sandwich for lunch yesterday and today (I have been going out for lunch with our class trainer - something I rarely do but she is in a strange town and it would be wrong to leave her on her own) but have had light dinners both nights and healthy snacks during the day.  So I should be seeing some scale movement soon - looking forward to that. 

All is ho-hum right now.  But I will be back on track soon.  The weather is warming and its about time to get out to the walking trail...  I am hoping that will kindle some good vibes. 

That's All - Thanks Ya'll!


  1. Taking care of you is the priority right now. When you have your strength back and feel better, I'm sure your muse will return.

  2. Maybe you are finding something new to say difficult because you are adjusting well to your new life, new eating plans so it feels like normal. That would be good. Just keep going and the numbers on the scale will come good!

  3. Happy St. Patty's Day! May rainbows and laughter be with you today (Thursday).

  4. ho hum is good....it means you are in a routine..and nothing is as inevitable as a routine.
    Keep up the good work.


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