Change is Inevitable

First and foremost - missed you all these last few days.  I have been in ISD training all week (Learning to write coursework) and recovering from my crazy illness and making up for lost time by putting in some extra hours.  Figured a few things out though so the break was good.  Here are some observations;

1.  I have been hiding in cyberland - just a little.  It's safe here.  You guys don't try to tempt me with birthday cake or going out for lunch with the girls. (or guys) I spent the week going out to lunch with the instructor for the class I was in.  No one else was stepping up so I did and I had a wonderful time making a new friend but I remembered what that meant for the pocket book and waistline.  A good and helpful reminder of why I am doing what I am doing!  Like everything else, I must find a balance between real time relationships and cyber ones.  Nothing wrong with cyber friends but we need social interaction in the physical world too.

2.  Today is the one year anniversary of losing my niece, Dallie.  So some of my gloom was because of that.  I'm okay, it's just a sad day. 

3.  I have missed exercising.  My husband and I are going hiking in the morning and I am looking forward to the challenge and the way I know I will feel when we are done. 

Now, something I learned in my class this week.  Not just from my instructor but from my peers as well.  Change is inevitable. However, we resist change many times for many reasons when the change would actually help us.  Why?  fear, laziness, apathy, and a host of other reasons that I don't even know.  Here in the land of cyber friends banding together for a common goal, we need change, we long for change and we resist change - just like everywhere else.  I had an off week.  I am glad I learned what I learned, in class and out, i am glad I made a new friend. and I'm glad that I still want the same things and I haven't blown it big time, I have only veered a little.  Tomorrow is a new day, and new resolve for the change in my life.

Thanks Ya'll - That's All

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  1. Lots of positive optimistic thoughts there..a lovely day hiking and a new resolve. Be gentle on yourself for the past week, a busy time training and also so many thoughts going on for you on an anniversary that must have been so deep.
    I hope the hike is lovely day for you both


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