Prisoner, Vacationer or Explorer

I learned something profound today.  At least it was for me! There are three kinds of students; Prisoners, Vacationers and Explorers.  Prisoners are the "why am I here having to sit in this class" group.  Vacationers are the ones layed back in their seat saying, "this doesn't apply to me, maybe I'll nap or entertain the class, hope someone wakes me when it's over."  Then there are the Explorers.  Full of energy - wanting to learn...

How many times in my weight loss attempts have I been the Prisoner or the Vacationer?  Today, I feel like I am the Explorer.  Learning new things, meeting new friends, taking on new challenges, trying new foods and new food combinations.  Oh how I would rather be the Explorer than any other and an Explorer of Healthy Eating instead of a Dieter!  The ambitious, the positive, the thoughtful, the educated and the fulfilled Explorer charting new ground and having a blast. 

That's all - Thanks Ya'll!!!!


  1. yea! can not wait to read your experiences along the journey!

  2. Being a lover of adventure, I have to agree - being the Explorer is much more satisfying!

  3. From dieter to explorer. What a powerful shift in attitude. It's really going to be fun to follow your journey now!

  4. Great post, I shall think of this when I feel like a prisoner in a work meeting.


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