I Had a Little Pow Wow With Myself...

Okay - in answer to my blog last night - I am going to have a little talk with myself, join in if you want...

Me:  Okay, your sister is coming to spend the weekend.
Me:  Yessss!  We are going to have fun!
Me:  Yeah, that's true but you also have to clean the house a little or you are going to be embarrassed when she arrives.
Me:  But I just put in a 10 hour day, not counting the time on the road.
Me:  Yes, but didn't you listen to your book on tape on the way to work and the way home, and didn't you go the back way so you could avoid freeway traffic. 
Me:  Yeah, as a matter of fact I did.  I had a pretty pleasant trip home and I am enjoying my new book.
Me:  Okay then - now that your home, fix your dinner - it's just you tonight and you have those yummy leftovers- yippee - then clean your bathroom and bedroom.
Me:  Yuk, why do I always have to clean the damn bathroom?
Me:  I don't know but if you don't no one else will.
Me:  okay, deal, I will clean the bathroom and bedroom and then watch American Idol
Me:  Now you're talking, it might even be fun
Me:  yeah right...
Me:  So you're done already?  Wow an hour, record time. 
Me:   Yeah and it wasn't so bad.  I can't say that it was fun but I sure feel good that it is done.  Like happy you know?
Me:  Yeah and what is that rolling off your forehead?
Me:  Whoa, that's sweat.  Guess I worked so hard I actually got a little mini workout in - at least that's better than sitting on the couch.
Me:  Yep and now you have less to do tomorrow night and you will actually get to enjoy the fruits of your labor through the weekend and btw, have you lost weight, you are looking really good?!!!

So that was my talk with myself.  I think part of the answer is just do the best I can.  Some weeks the house cleaning may give, some weeks the exercise.  Some weeks I may end up at taco bell - (hopefully not too often) but make my priorities healthy first, good food, water, rest, exercise as often as possible and work the fun in and around.  Don't throw the baby out with the bath water...

I just have to keep on keeping on.  It's all going to work out.  I did get my power walk in last night and the bathroom/bedroom cleaning did burn off a few calories.  I'm outta here for now, I hope to catch up on every one's blogs this weekend!

Thanks to all of you who talked me off the ledge yesterday - let's party!

Thanks Ya'll!


  1. Sounds like your Pow-Wow was a huge success. Look at all you got done. Well done! Enjoy your sister and have a great weekend. You've worked pretty hard to get there. Have fun, you funaholic!

    And thanks again for being my blogging friend.


  2. Yes, do have fun. Isn't that what life is all about anyway? Enjoy!

  3. actually vigorous cleaning can be cardio..especially stairs. Hang in there, balance is vital.


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