Confessions of a Funaholic

Confession time:

I love to have fun.  When you stop and think about your priorities, your passion and what motivates you - it might be money, satisfaction of doing a good job, your hobby, your lover any number of things...one of my big ones is fun. 

I don't have time for a lengthy blog so I will try to be concise, I want to record this for me but someone else might relate too.  I like to have fun.  When I was younger I liked to be the party organizer (not sorority girl scale but within my small circle) I love excitement, new things and well - fun.  I try to make home fun, work fun, driving to work fun, dealing with snotty people fun (this really cracks me up - because I don't let on that I am playing with them - really funny).  As I have gotten older this has faded with lifes' harder challenges but on a smaller scale, I am still about the fun. 

The problem is, I am at another crossroads.  A.) I need more sleep so I can be as sharp and productive as possible at work - 5 hours is not enough.  B. ) I have an hour + commute each way, to work and home  C.) I have to eat and I have a family to cook and clean for (yeah they are somewhat spoiled)  D.) I need to be exercising and focusing on my goals  E.)  Did I mention I need more sleep?

So I get up at 5 leave by 6:30, get to work at 7:30 work 8-10 hours, leave work at 6:00, home by 7:00, treadmill for 30 and then I cook for myself (hubby cooked for the fam) Sit down at 8:30 to watch American Idol (thank goodness for DVR - no commercials) and shower and then a quick blog.

No time for scrabble, my Farmville crops are dead on the vine, cleaning is by necessity only and I realized today.  I may very well have to cut out American Idol (which I watched while folding clothes) in order to get done all the things I want to do for my healthy lifestyle.  In other words, the second wave of cuts is about to happen.  The fun may have to go by the wayside if I want to reach my goals.  But hey, at 47 what do I expect, to have fun forever? 

I am not whining - hope it doesn't sound that way.  I am thinking out loud to the sound of the fingers on the keys.  It is so worth it no matter what I have to give up.  But I have to find a balance.  I know I will - it is just gonna take some thinking, some planning, some sacrifice....

For the girl who is addicted to fun, this may be a challenge, but no one said this would be easy...

Thanks Ya'll


  1. do you have to be at work for 10 hours. That's a lot of time. No way to cut back on work? I know alot of people love their work..and you are a graphic designer...which must be kind of fun. I always find it interesting that there doesn't seem to be a way to cut back on work at all. Maybe bring some home? Balance includes life too.
    It doesn't sound like there is a lot of time for regular old life. Of course, in this economy...any work is really good work.
    I hope you can find balance and some fun.

  2. I do believe we can have fun forever. It is all in our attitudes. It is about being positive, sparkly, upbeat, and rolling with the punches of life.

    I am guilty of letting the "fun" slip out of my life and being to bloody serious. Your post is a good reminder. SO, thanks.

    DO you now about Carb Trippers blog: http://carbtripper.blogspot.com/
    You will like it!

  3. This is a tough one. I admire your commitment to do whatever it takes to stay focused on getting fit and healthy. That's very important. Question is: will it be sustainable once you "start" having fun again? I've done the "austerity" gig so many times in the past (without lasting results) that now I'm on a fun quest. I'm going to see if I can have fun and still get fit and healthy! Could you watch Idol while working out on an exercise ball with weights or walking on a treadmill? Just a thought. I watch Biggest Loser while doing exercises on my balance ball and it's the best of both worlds for me. You have an incredibly long day and sleep, oh yeah, you do need more sleep! I hope you find the balance that works best for you.

    Your supportive friend,

  4. Funaholic - what's wrong with that? LOL

    Sleep is definitely very important. Don't sacrifice in this area if you can help it. I loves me a good sleep zzzz.

  5. I understand the issue with balance. On the days I work and I'm in full time work - I do 12 hour shifts. That makes balancing anything hard if you're to get enough sleep. I find a different regime on work days ...I do what I can...and then work very hard on non work days. You can't fit everything in, every day...just do the best you can

  6. Thanks for all the really helpful insight. I do have to work 10 hours a day this week but next week should be back to more normal at least for awhile. Even then, it's hard to get everything into a day. I am still working on it - we will see what I come up with! Your thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated!

  7. Hmmm. Having fun with snotty people. Does it crack them up, too? It's nice to lift the spirit of others by introducing fun into their lives.



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