Warning: What you are about to see may change your life.

I have been wanting to write about this for about two weeks but I haven't been able to load my photo from my phone (technical difficulties).  As the title of this blog states, what you are about to see may change your life... forever.

There is a man at work that went out to grab some fast food for lunch one day.  He went through a local drive through and purchased a couple of his favorite "hamburgers".  Returning to work he ate one and left one for later.  He never got around to eating the second "burger" and when he left work for the weekend, he forgot to throw it in the trash. 

Monday morning rolls around, as they tend to do, and he arrives in his office - greeted by Friday's leftover "food" container, still holding the prize left over from Friday.  With what I would imagine was some trepidation, he opened the container to find the "burger" looked unscathed by sitting out all weekend.  As inquiring minds will sometimes do, he decided to see just how long it took the "burger" to go to ruin. (kind of like our refrigerator experiments, only his was intentional.)  Okay - are you ready for this?  That was July of 2009.  The date was recorded in the lid of the box for the purpose of scientific data. 

Here are the results almost two years later:

This is not an email forward.  I know the guy, I work with the guy, I totally believe him.  I took this picture myself with my phone camera.  There is no mold, no smell, no grossness and even the cheese has dried to a plastic like replica of it's former self.  So next time you are in a hurry for food.  I would go with a different choice - I know I will.  Something that lasts this long without spoiling, should probably not be consumed by humans, just sayin...

That's all (it's enough for one day's digestion) Thanks Ya'll


  1. Omigosh! This is disgusting, sorbering and disturbing! How many of these things that I've eaten in the past might still be stuck in my innards somewhere partially undigested?!!! Yuck! I imagine it's much the same for other "fast food" favorites as well. Thanks for posting this. I think I'm convinced to give up the fast food once and for all!


  2. I have seen something like this before...but the woman had had it in her PURSE for three years and counting. I get the chicken tenders...lol. they probably do the same thing...then again, I eat that crap maybe once a year. And it's usually carl's jrs. makes you want to try it with other ones too, don't it.

  3. I know, when I saw this it was sobering! I just couldn't believe it. When it finally sunk in - I was cured of my craving! Very disgusting - but like Christine, if I have one once a year no biggie but I used to eat this stuff without a second thought. Now at least I will consider what I am doing before I do it!

  4. :O Amazing. Thought provoking.

    Makes me glad that I switched to eatintg primarily unprocessed food--when I'm on my plan, that is.

    Here's to staying with the plan!


  5. Yuck! Hey, I want to invite you to a private blog. Please send me your e-mail address to mywinningyear2011@gmail.com


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