Getting Older and Younger

I thought of something when I was out walking with my husband and my two precious puppies today.  I am 46 years old and feeling it, but if I will keep doing what I am doing, eating healthy and exercising, then by the time I am 50 I will actually feel younger and look younger and be physically younger than I am today. 

Today I could be on the verge of some serious health issues but 60-70 pounds lighter - those will most likely be non-issues, heart disease, diabetes and cancer are less likely in the body of a healthy, fit 50 year old than an overweight 46 year old.  I am also hopeful that as I work toward a better me physically, I am also keeping more fit mentally.  I do not want to slip into the pitfalls that sometimes sneak up on people when they get past a certain age. 

I don't want to be suspicious and negative of younger generations, even though they are so different than my own.  I want to keep learning and understanding them.  I don't want to be fearful or quick to judge the new things in the world such as the technology that life will bring my way, the relaxing of certain taboos and the ever changing sociology of our world.  I want to embrace what is useful to me and at least be tolerant of what is not.  In other words, I want to stay relevant to the world I live in and I want it to be relevant to me.  Will this be difficult?  I think so - it already is in some ways, but I think it is important to remain flexible and open minded if you want to remain young in your thinking.  It is important to me to stay young in my thinking if I want to stay young in my living.


It is a beautiful day.  We have had a wonderful weekend so far and still have the rest of today to enjoy!  My husband and I have been out walking twice - once yesterday on our hike and then today on a trail near our home.  I am working back up to where I was before I got sick and it feels so good.  We have been to see all the parents - so my love tank is pretty full.  (Could use a good visit with my kiddos but that is coming soon)

I guess today, I am looking to the future and happy in knowing I am working on a better me.  Physically, mentally and emotionally, it can keep improving - if I just keep doing what I'm doing.  The thought of being younger, healthier and happier; that feels good and balanced and I feel blessed.

That's all - Thanks Ya'll!


  1. I couldn't agree more - December 2010 I was some kind of old woman asking the family to walk slower so I could keep up and ankles that swelled up randomly. less than 3 months and Im doing 90 mins in the gym working hard and getting fitter. Where can we all go to make ourselves fitter and healthier and our age, not older. Good thoughts !

  2. I think you will stay young in your thinking because you are actually aware of it. You get old when you start losing interest in anything new and thinking that new technology is stupid. You're got to be a healthy 50. Just keep up the good work.

  3. You are doing your journey to fitness 10 years earlier than I. Good for you! You will feel way younger as you move forward.The more fit we become the better we feel. It is awesome!

  4. I absoolutely adore your thoughts here. :)

  5. I think you're well on your way to younger and healthier. Very nice post. Keeping your body and mind active and free of judgment is probably the best health plan ever. My mom started bellydance lessons at age 78 because "hip-hop" was a bit much for her and she wanted to "go easy" at first. She never lost her sense of wonder, laughter and fun, and she remained "young" and mentally sharp all of her life. You have a great attitude.

  6. Girl, I was thinking the same thing. I'll be 50 in a little over a year. I will be more healthy this year and from now on then I have in the last 25 years. Yes, this would of been so much easier younger but it didn't happen until last year and I'm excited it did.
    You will do this, you will be the most beautiful woman. Well that sound dumb cuz you are beautiful now, you'll just be more beautiful and healthier then.
    Take care my friend. God Bless!!

  7. Well, I'll sign on for the getting younger thing. :)



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