More Than I Bargained For

Thank you all for your support and comments!  I am feeling better today.  I talked to my father-in-law (retired M.D.) and he said he didn't think it was gallbladder because I didn't have enough of the other symptoms.  He thought I should wait a couple of more days and see how I felt before going to my family doc or calling him.  (He doesn't mind me calling on him but for me it is kinda like mixing church and state to have my father-in-law get too much into my medical care.)  If it flares up again I am heading straight to my doc.  At least if I wait awhile it will be better timing for work.  He suggested that I probably pulled a muscle. 

So I am giving it one more day before I hit the treadmill.  Sooooo - tomorrow is the day!  I am putting it on here so hopefully that will be enough to motivate me to keep my commitment!!!

I want to dedicate today's post to my sweet husband, Steve.  He had his birthday kinda turned upside down yesterday with me feeling bad, and then some bad news about one of our daughter's best friends and then our grandson was being rowdy at the birthday dinner...lol - Happy Birthday Sweetie!  Don't you just love your family????  and I know he does.  He is the best partner a girl could want, not perfect, but he comes home every night, he loves his kids and tells them so, he doesn't call me fat or make me feel bad about my weight, he is even trying to support me as only a friend would do. ( Last night at dinner we each got a salad, a soup and split a potato and a steak.  He is considerate of others like that and his parents were buying dinner for the whole family so it was a nice gesture toward them as well!)  He will usually walk with me when I ask him to and supports me fully in my efforts - no matter where they take me - he always says yes. 

I read other people's blogs where they talk about their spouses and how cruel they are (and I had one of those many years ago but I broke free of that - I couldn't stand it).  I know I am so lucky to have a man that supports me and understands me and most of all puts up with me :)  I can be a force at times :)  . 

So here's to you Steven!  You got more than you bargained for when you married me ... and so did I. 

Thanks Baby, Thanks Ya'll!


  1. Way to go, Steven! I have a Steven too. Don't you just love it!

  2. :D Sometimes, life is good. :D Deb

  3. Ahhh. Steven sounds like a "keeper." I'm happy for both of you!

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I posted the Eggs Benedict recipe at the end of today's post. Hope you like it! Be creative!


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