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Today I am doing my duty. 

I am being a cautious eater.

I am not exercising because the pain in my side is flaring up again and I don't think it's a good idea. 

I suppose I am stressed and a little down because I am afraid this pain is going to equal gallbladder and possibly surgery.  I have done some online research and it sounds possible from what I have read.  I hate going to the doctor, being sick and especially going to the hospital.  I hate the invasion of privacy and I HATE needles.  But if I have to - I just have to. 

I am going to see how I feel tomorrow - today is day four of pain and though it is not as bad right now, I can feel it starting up.  Even though I am full of dread and I really don't have the money to be sick and it is VERY bad timing since I am just starting my third week of work.  I am glad our bodies are such marvels that they sound an alarm when something is wrong.  Usually, the bigger the alarm the worse the problem (except for paper cuts) ☺

I am sad that I don't feel like exercising, but I am glad that eating healthy doesn't even feel like a sacrifice - its what I want to do.  I was reading other blogs last night and I have to say - I am extremely thankful for all of you!  We all have our ups and downs but when some are down ---some others are up...so no matter where I am - there is always relevance in reading others blogs. ♥

I am going to prepare some healthy food for tomorrow's lunch and dinner.  My sweet husband just braved the grocery store for me and it's his birthday!  I couldn't ask for a better partner!  So thanks to him and to all of you - I know I will be back on track soon.  If you are a person of prayer, please pray for me as I deal with all this - I am a big baby I know - but that's just me...

Thanks Ya'll!


  1. You aren't being a baby. The thought of surgery IS scary. Altough, if I were to have to have surgery, gallbladder is one of the easiest. Ordinairly, theey just poke 3 tiny holes and suck that baby out. Hospital stay is only a day or two. At most. Really.

    But I'd hate the thought of it, too. And the timing DOES stink. Often, the MD will have you do a round of tests (also annoying and inconvenient) and try diet for awhile unless the GB is pretty hot.

    So. If the pain continues, do what you know to do. Go to the MDs. It may turn out better than you think.


  2. I had gallbladder surgery three years ago after some pain. I'm no expert on it, but have been through it. Do email on anewdawn@sky.com if I can answer any questions. The pain was intense, but passed, coming back again every few days. It was on my left chest sort of under my ribs. Warm water - a hot water bottle or lying in the bath using the shower to 'water' it really helped. The surgery was remarkably straightforward, keyhole and if I hadn't been in a job where lifting was required I would have been back at 2 weeks, but due to the physical nature of my job it had to be 8 weeks. From the day of surgery to today never a problem again. IF it is gallbladder, you will be ok, it wont be as bad as you fear. Best to see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis, Dr Google is often wrong! Take care, try not to worry

  3. I agree with Dawn, don't borrow trouble, just go see your doctor. I know they cost money, I know it's hard to go and find out what's what but being sick isn't a good thing either. Keep us posted on how you're doing.
    Take care and thank you for stopping by. I'm going to follow you and see what other goodness you come up with. God Bless my new friend.

  4. I hope you feel better soon, you are in my prayers. Carla

  5. I hope it's just a glitch and it turns out to be a pulled muscle, I know how it feels to be sidetracked...especially when you are on a roll. Thanks for all the kind comments on my blog. as for art training...I went to high school art class and I am attempting to teach myself through reading and studying and lots of practice. What kind of work do you do?

  6. If you do not know about Dr Fat to Fit's blog, I would invite you to have to do that. She had gall bladder surgery late last year and blogged about it. She is a great blog for loads of other things too. Feel better!


  7. Ah, bummer. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I work for surgeons in Denver and we do a lot of gallbladder surgery. Usually people are terrified before the surgery and feel so terrific afterwards that it's worth it. They can now do the surgery with something called the Da Vinci system and it's even less invasive than laparoscopy. I'll pray you don't need surgery at all...and that the pain goes away for good. You have lots of support from your sweet hubby and your blogging friends. Get well, my friend.



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