Monday Update:

I just did my treadmill walk/jog (much more walking than jogging) and stayed with it for 40 minutes.  So strange - I feel taller when I step off.  It felt sooo good today!  I love it when walking feels good.  I hope I am over the hurdle of every exercise day being a drudgery.  No more calling the treadmill the dreadmill - I have to come up with something new! 

And here is where I hung my motivation collage.  It still needs some work but it is done enough to be useful.  It has encouraging phrases and funny inspirations like, "You Were Born Ready" and "Spartacus".  Nothing like staring into the mantras that I am trying to fill my mind with.  "Its you versus you - finish fast".  I don't know if this would help anyone but me, but it was fun today to focus on these as I was walking.  I have also taped a couple pages from Runner's World on my wall.  One of a young woman who is toned and showing an exercise pose.  This is to remind me what an athlete's body can look like (I realize mine will never look like that, because I'm older, but it is still inspiring to me to remember, I will have obvious muscle tone again someday.)  The other is a full page ad for the Little Rock Marathon.  I know I don't have time to train for it this year but I want to think about it for next year. 

{{I just received a job offer from CAE and will be accepting that.  I am looking forward to going back to work.  I imagine the posts will become shorter and possibly fewer but I hope to still keep blogging.  This will be a tough transition but I am glad I have layed the ground work so maybe staying with the plan won't be too difficult.  I will see what I'm made of then!}}

Back to cleaning up after a weekend of goofing off. 

Thanks Ya'll!

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  1. :) I sent you an email.

    You know, I left you a comment yesterday and it's not here. Did it not go thru? Perhaps that's why you aren't getting many comments. ?



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