Hey Mikey - He Likes It!!!!

Hahahaha, anyone remember that commercial???  I'm not gonna try it- you try it...let's get Mikey he hates everything...he likes it...hey Mikey. 

That commercial got old but if you are a US resident from my era those words are probably seared into your brain like mine...how many years ago was that?  30 something?  Enough about Mikey - let me tell you about greens!

Being the country girl you would think I had cooked greens before.  But my dad didn't like them much so my mom heated the canned ones occasionally and when I got older I did the same.  I never cooked a batch from scratch until yesterday.  I have seen those huge bags in the produce section for years and quietly gone around them without a second thought. 

But I'm all into second thoughts these days.  We need second thoughts and third ones and fourth ones...at least I do. Instead of thinking about all those fattening unhealthy foods, I need to be considering all the foods I have never tried.  Now I am a food adventurer of sorts, so I have tried many of the foods I see around me including most veggies.  But I am always up for seeking out new foods or food combos. One of my friends calls talking about really yummy food "food porn" 

Not sure I like the analogy but I do like to get into big discussions about food.  What people eat and how they prepare it says so much about them and their heritage.  Not to mention how it speaks of their lifestyle or family dynamics. 

I also like to stop the hispanic woman in the produce section and ask her if she makes shrimp ceveche and would she mind to help me.  Or stop the asian man and ask him if he cooks cauliflower and how he prepares it.  I love when I have a friend from another country willing to share a kitchen with me.  So there aren't a whole lot of foods I haven't tried that are readily available, but I am keeping my eyes and ears open. 

I once thought of  this as "dieting" and the list of things I couldn't eat - WRONG!!!!!!WRONG,WRONG!!!!
This is healthy eating and it is a great adventure!  I want to try new recipes, invent new recipes (which by the way you can add into the Calorie Count Food Log and get the calories per meal figured for you)  I want to seek out ethnic foods and just good ol veggies I never thought of before.  Its only boring if I let it be.  Like every other thing - its my choice.  I have gotten tired, but I haven't gotten bored.  I just keep pumping things full of veggies. 

Oh yeah back to the greens. I cooked them and loved them!  A bag makes enough for several days, as a side, veggie dish.  They are quick to cook and LOADED with vitamins and minerals...and I think 21 calories a cup.  I am having fun, I didn't lose any weight last week as I darted around life's land mines but this week is going to be better.

I am still working on my list of how to avoid the pitfalls of letting lifes challenges get to me.  I knew this was going to be tough - going back to work is gonna be good in the long run - just gotta figure it all out and find that gentle balance -  I will get there though.  And when I do I will have this big smile on my face and a little piece of greens stuck between my teeth - somebody be a friend and hand me the mirror. 

That's all - thanks ya'll!


  1. I love greens! I'm going to get a butternut squash the next time I go to the store. I think I've had it before but I can't remember ever cooking with it. Hungry Girl uses it a lot so I figure I'll give it a whirl.

  2. Mmmm, the veggies sound good. My favourite now is green beans, but I love many, many veggies and I didn't even start eating them until I was about 26.

    The Mikey commercial was in Canada too. We must be the same age - or close.

  3. Or try the spaghetti squash! The meat of it is stringy like spaghetti and you can add tomato sauce to it like it is noodles. So yummy!!!!

    Please let me know how the butternut turns out - haven't tried that one!!!

    to Darla: I am 46. I love my veggies too, especially since they are one of my best tools of weightloss!

  4. Oh, I remember Mikey well. I've never tried greens because I honestly don't know what to do with them. Do you have a recipe you'd be willing to share with a Western girl who grew up on beef roast and potatoes? Remember Robert Mitchum's "Beef...it's what's for dinner?" I can do beef, but other than potatoes, veggies are virgin territory for me so ... help!!! Guess that's why I keep going back to the Atkin's Diet. I like the idea of asking people in the grocery store how they fix their veggies and will give that a try. And if you smile with greens in your teeth...yes, I would tell you, though the visual made me smile today.

  5. Yep, I remember Mikey, too.

    "This is healthy eating and it is a great adventure!"

    I LOVE your attitude! Now... I've gotta try those fresh cooked greens. Sounds delish!


  6. I remember Mikey, he likey. :)
    Anyways, farm girl, do you eat rabbit? It's super good for you and almost no fat. Made with garlic and a bit of olive oil, it's wonderful. Other then peas (Unless fresh from the garden) I love all veggies. You keep trying and loving, so good for you.
    Off to read a bit more. Take care and God Bless!!


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