The Badge of Courage

The office where I work is in a secure location that you must use a badge to enter.  This morning as I was getting out of my car and putting on my badge, I thought about the badge being a badge of honor or a badge of pride.  I see folks wearing work badges all the time and sometimes I think maybe they are showing off.  (Like the folks who work at this one business in my home town - its like they are showing they are in the "special club" - our town is like that - very competitive - snobby even).

The whole badge thing got me thinking about things that are a symbol for people.  I thought about the Wizard of Oz with the symboloic degree for a scarecrow with no brain, a heart shaped watch for the tin man and the medal of courage for the lion.  I know for me, losing weight and being healthy are like that.  These days I feel like I am filling my trophy case with lots of small trophies and looking forward to winning the big ones. 

When I recently went shopping and bought a size down from the last time I shopped for pants, I was elated.  You can bet those pants are a badge of accomplishment.  I am going to be thinking about this more in the days to come...what are the badges or symbols of my success in my new lifestyle?  The outward signs of the inward changes - I know there are many - a better disposition, a brighter more confident smile, a willingness to go out in public more and I'm sure many more...

I guess for now, I would have to admit that my blog is a huge badge of courage and accomplishment for me...I have met some folks who are turning out to be helpful friends, and I have been able to keep it going for over a month - no small feat.  More and more I am opening up about my weight struggles and that takes great courage...so thanks to all who help me reach my goal by being part of my badge of courage, pride and honor. 

Thanks Ya'll!

BTW - I figured out one way to be more successful during stressful times - make sure I am getting enough sleep - that being said - I'm off to bed...


  1. Collecting badges - what a great concept. Congratulations on the smaller pants and, most of all, congratulations for having the courage to keep blogging. I'm so new at it myself that I understand your fear. Yet reading your blog is inspiring me to create my own "huge badge of courage" and keep blogging. It's empowering to think of collecting badges. Sleep well and thanks for being courageous.

  2. Thats a lovely image, we are collecting our own personal awards along the way. I'm pretty new but loving feeling like a success and those feelings are really empowering. I love the idea of getting a badge!

  3. Wear that badge proudly both clothing and attitude shifts. That's wonderful. Sweet dreams.

  4. Just found your blog through Jackie. After reading your profile I am going to follow you. We share much in common. Blogging is an accomplishment.

  5. Congrats on the new size! Your blogs are great, keep up the good work.

  6. I have some reading to do to get caught up on my new friend but I have to tell you I think this is a pretty fantastic. It is hard to open up, if you go back a year in mine you'll see it's not simple to write but sharing your life style change is very encouraging and the support you get it amazing.
    Take care and God Bless!! Gots more to read.


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