Broken Chains

I have a long, long, long way to go on my weight loss, healthy body/healthy life journey but I am so happy to realize that positive side effects have already begun to happen. 

I live in the south and today we are in a blizzard.  We already have several inches of snow and will be getting several more.  Someone posted on their blog something about not complaining and enjoying the snow and a light bulb went off in my mind.  Yes, I should go out and enjoy it!

So my daughter and I are getting bundled up to go out and see if we can have an adventure :) 

A month ago, I wouldn't have been able to layer my clothes because my jeans were too tight to put a pair of leggings on under them and I refused to buy a bigger pair.  I sure wouldn't have been able to walk around the block - even without the snow, and enjoy it.  I have been doing 3-4 miles on the treadmill lately and yoga - I think I'm good.

...she's ready more later

After a walk around the block, we let the dogs out for a romp in the snow.  They loved it but didn't want to stay too long!

I am just so thankful for feeling better, having more energy and losing 15 pounds.  I feel like the chains that had me bound are broken.  I heard a reporter on the morning show today talking about her 15 year alcohol addiction and Meridith Vierra asked her, was it hard to quit drinking.  She replied something to effect of , no, I was so tired of it and I didn't recognize myself anymore - that almost made it easy to quit. 

That is exactly how I feel about my weight loss and change of lifestyle and eating.  I was sooo tired of it all and tired of not knowing myself anymore or even being able to trust myself,  that these changes, so far, have not been that hard this time. (haha - after getting through the first few whiny days)  I have a new appreciation for those people who have always struggled with weight.  I can look back and "remember when"  but for someone who cannot do that, I can only imagine how very difficult it would be. 

I hope that I will keep moving forward.  I am afraid of what is next - of the challenge that comes from the length of the journey and how I will handle the next wall I hit.  But I am not going to let the fear keep me from trying. 

Once the chains are broken why would I want to go reconnect them????  Jus sayin...

Thanks Ya'll!


  1. I'm glad you had fun in the snow. Our first couple of snows here are always exciting, so it must be a real treat down there--if you let it. I'm glad you let it. :D (By about the 15th snow, the thrill has worn off considerably. We're having some serious winter up here in Pennsylvania this year.)

    As far as not being able to imagine reconnecting the chains... sigh. I can't imagine it eitehr, yet I've done it. Many times.

    This time, I've struggled off and on, but I am determined to NOT QUIT. That's the key, I'm certain. If I don't quit, I can't fail.

    Keeping on.


  2. :D I just got your comments on my post.

    If it's easier for you, you can put your replies to my comments (I love replies to my comments, by the way.) on your own post.

    I click on the "subscribe by email" button below the comment box, so every comment/reply that is posted to your blog after mine comes to my gmail account.

    Don't stop coming by my blog, tho! I enjoy hearing from you. Hopefully, I'll get Part 2 of my post up tonight.


  3. love this...I can't imagine either. a feeling of pride and well being tops the feeling of overstuffed and ashamed anyday.

  4. Hi Kim! I couldn't find an email for you, so thought I'd answer your question here.

    When you make out your wt loss ticker, and get the code, just copy and paste the code wherever you want it. I put mine at the bottom of most posts. Some people put it in a Blogger html "gadget" at the top or bottom of their blog.

    Then, each time you want it changed, just click on your ticker, and it will take you to their site. Put in the new wt and date info, and it will automatically update your ticker, wherever it is.

    Hope that helps!
    And brrrr... stay warm in all that snow. :-)



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