If You Want Something Done Right...

... Do it yourself.

I don't feel good today.  I am exhausted from a hard week at work.  My head is congested.  I have this strange pain in my side - going on three days now.  So... did I want to get up and cook something healthy today?  Well no, I didn't.  But I am faced with a dilemma, eat junk or get up and fix something healthy. 

In the end, I opted to fix some taboli with my red quinoa. I don't know where that strength came from, or why that determination is there, it just is.  I really don't want to "be bad".  For the first time in a long time I didn't use feeling bad as an excuse to eat junk.  Usually if I wasn't feeling up to par, I would comfort myself by eating something yummy but unhealthy.  So this is a milestone. 

I think the bottom line for me is, I really want this.  We are eating out with my parents tonight and my husband's parents tomorrow night.  I know that is going to set the scales back a few pounds but I don't want to eat out and have to be thinking about calories.  So instead of throwing in the towel like I normally would, I am just trying to do my best to balance my weekend eating with healthy food. 

There is no one else to answer to but me.  There is no one else to cook healthy for me (I could ask my hubby but he has other chores).  If I want to do this right, and I do, I have to do it myself.  Trust myself, rely on myself to do this...for myself. 

I own this!


  1. The pain sounds worrying - could you have strained a muscle? It is very good you made that willpower work for you.
    I am going to admit how ill informed I am because I didn't know what taboli or red quinoa was but dear old Google has told me all about it...the Taboli looks amazing.
    You are so right about owning this! Thanks for posting

  2. I too had to look Taboli up in google. I make a similar salad using bulgur pilaf. Funny, I didn't know it had a name. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. yeah it is usually made with cracked wheat...whatever that is :)

    I found out about quinoa when my friend gave me his detox list of foods...and now I am a forever fan. It is a great way to enjoy carbs and it goes with everything. You can find it at most grocery stores - although for the red quinoa I had to go to Whole Foods (its a healthy food - chain store) I even eat it for breakfast soaked in a little vanilla flavored soy milk. (Which I also never tried until recently)

    I have found that the type of carbs I eat every day, makes a huge difference in how I feel. I am trying to stay away from gluten and processed foods (although this is difficult!)

  4. Heck YES you own this! And get yourself checked out if the pain persists!

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