{Begets? I've had a few!}


{{  [bih-get] Show IPA
–verb (used with object), be·got or ( Archaic ) be·gat; be·got·ten or be·got; be·get·ting.
(especially of a male parent) to procreate or generate (offspring).
to cause; produce as an effect: a belief that power begets power. }}
No, not baguette, or regret but beget.  If you were "raised up" in church you have heard this word in the lineage of the folks in the Bible.  There it means #1 to procreate or generate offspring.  That is where I was introduced to the word.  
Yesterday, as I was cleaning house, I contemplated the other meaning.  #2 To cause, produce as an effect.  One thing causes another and to me I like to think of it as, one thing helps to produce another as in this action is born of the one before.  Cleaning house for instance.  I am not a lover of the cleaning but I do love a clean house.  I find that cleaning my house begets cleaning my house.  Getting it done, makes me want to keep doing it so I don't lose the efforts I have already made.  
I like to think of my exercise and healthy eating in the same way.  Exercising begets healthy eating and Healthy eating begets exercise.  I have come to realize that it is helpful for me to link these today and use them to feed off each other. I also realized something else that was helpful to me yesterday.  The trinity of weight loss - or the trinity of change -  for me is getting the mental game, the eating and the exercise all headed in the same direction and keeping them heading that way. 
Duh, right?  but I have tried it other ways.  Thinking, okay, I'm gonna work on my eating and then when that is going better I will start exercising.  Or after I get the walking down, then the diet will need to change.  Soooo many times I have tried to do one without the other.  So now I am very focused on the Trinity of Change.  Mentally motivated and dealing with the emotional reasons I overeat, Exercising to improve my health, energy and weight, Eating well, very well, to provide my body with wonderful nutrients and protect it from harmful choices - unnatural foods and unhealthy foods.  (Note:  I am still working on the exercise part but yesterday was a good breakthrough)
I know this is the right way to do it.  I know one will beget the other and so on and so on...I'm not waiting on the planets to align but I am lining things out as best I can, in my own way.  I know there is no perfection, but there is a way to live where I am setting myself up for success, where good things will beget more good things. 
Begets?  I have had a few, and now, I'm looking for a few more!


  1. well, the thing is...when you get all three going in the same direction, it goes alot faster. You build a lot more momentum...and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. I did all three as well, capped my cals. started walking, got rid of my negative tape and made a good one.

  2. Well said! Your results show the truth!


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