We Are Slaves to Our Addictions

This slogan is on my son's t-shirt.  We are a slave to our addictions....

I gave up soft drinks a couple of months ago because I was so tired of running out of "Diet" Dr. Pepper and feeling all panicky until I got some more.  Now I am at a different place in my life facing other addictions and I want to know the strength and pleasure of overcoming them more than I want them.  I want to know I can trust myself not to sabotage myself.  Today as I was thinking of what I was giving up, I started thinking of the "what ifs".  What if we were having a nice dinner and I wanted a glass of wine or a big ol' rib eye steak?  I stopped myself and remembered something I learned in Al Anon (yes - I am a member) a slogan - Just For Today.  I turned off the dialogue about tomorrow.  I may not ever get there and if I do then I will deal with that day on that day.  All I have to do today is just get through today.  Will I ever be free from my craving for Cheese Dip - I don't know - but I didn't eat any today and I am grateful for that Today. 

I don't want to be a slave to anything or anyone.  Slavery is a lack of choices, an absence of freedom, it is bondage and I want to be free.

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