So many times my healthy resolve has been crushed by excuses.  I've heard (and saw this too - in a former life) that an alcoholic will start a fight just so they have an excuse to leave the house and go get plastered.  The excuse shifts the blame to the person who started the fight, which is usually the spouse, after some baiting.  I think in my quest to be the most unhealthy I could be - I have learned a little of this behavior as well. 

Oh, bad day at work, better go out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Oh, one the children is having trouble, better go out for sushi and talk it over.  I am not saying going to these places in and of itself is a bad idea, but going there with the wrong frame of mind and using it as an opportunity to feed the beast - well that didn't work so well.  The problem is, just like the alcoholic can always find a reason to drink, I can always, ALWAYS, find a reason to hit the chips and salsa.  Living life and sticking to the plan is such a struggle, because life if full of stresses and opportunities to overindulge.

So here's to recognizing the use of excuses in the past and to trying to not use them in this new life I am creating for myself.  I am surprised that I am not yet given into my excuses, surprised and very pleased.  My body has rewarded this effort by letting go of 5 pounds.  That is a bag of sugar that I no longer have to carry around everyday.  I want to let go of several more of those 5 pound bags.  I want to be a woman of strength and character - I want to make good decisions, not excuses.  This includes even those pesky little white lie excuses I tell myself when no one is looking. 

No more excuses.

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