I have made it all day today in a good mood.  I know it must be a bummer for anyone that reads all the negative stuff from the negative days but I want to be honest and real.  Those are days and feelings that I believe all dieters/people who are trying to be more healthy must face.  This is a marathon with hurdles.  It would be so much easier if it were a flat playing field, a path with no hills and no walls and no detours and no boulders.  Honestly though, if it were that easy - everyone would be thin. 

I think I will start to include my daily menu.  This will make it easy for me to go back to and remember what I ate that worked and what didn't. 

1 Cup of steamed Quinoa (just plain - my first time to try this - not too bad)

small salmon steak
sauteed' squash
1/2 cup quinoa

(not there yet but will be)
1 cup black beans with 1/2 cup pico de gallo
1 cup quinoa with lime juice and cilantro

fruit of the day - pomegranate - have eaten about a third of one...

for my snack - cause i know I'm gonna - i think i will make hummus and dip it celery sticks...yummmmmmm

It feels good that I had a good healthy day.  After my exercise disaster from yesterday, I am taking today off and tomorrow, helping my daughter move so that will take a lot of energy.  I will probably not get on the treadmill again until Monday ( but it would be good to get a Yoga in tomorrow or Sunday)  I know I need to, but I also know, I have to be kind to my old body.  It is already going through this amazing detox process, I don't want to get sick or injured.  It's happening - I must be patient with myself while I am encouraging myself because balance is key if I am going to run the marathon while clearing all the hurdles. 

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