I think I am getting sick.  Usually when I start any weight loss or diet change with exercise my body gets mad and rebels by picking up some virus.  I have gone two weeks feeling really good - more energy, better sleeping, ect. but I have been exposed to a lot of "stuff" this week and I don't feel so good.  So, how to stay focused even when i am sick.  I do not have the answer to that question.  Anyone?  Need some ideas here.

The only thing I know to do is do my best.  So I will try.  That's all I can commit to.  I don't feel like cooking, exercising or even going to the grocery store.  My vegetable supply is depleted. Whine, whine, whine.  Okay that for sure is not helping.  Calgon - take me away...

I am gonna cash in one of my determination chips and white knuckle it on over to Walmart - my favorite place on Saturday morning.  I can run my buggy into a couple of unsuspecting skinny girls (just kidding).  Then when I get home I am gonna cook some white chili and call it a day.

Part Dos (two)

Wow,  do break throughs come when least expected.  I still don't feel very good, I think it is a sinus thing starting up or a cold, but my trip to Walmart was great.  I was the ambassador of smiles and good attitude.  I don't know what happened but I think I just was so determined I went totally opposite of how I felt. Or maybe buying fresh vegetables for the third week straight made me feel happy.  But the real breakthrough was that usually I am exhausted just walking up and getting my buggy and today I wasn't. 

Today even though I wasn't feeling well, I still had energy left when I got home.  The exercise is working.  Usually I have terrible pain in my lower back and by the time I finish shopping I am in severe pain.  No pain today!  The walking is working!  I even talked to a Hispanic woman, with her broken English and my sporadic Spanish and her 10 year old son as interpreter, and asked her what to put in shrimp ceveche.  I came home and made it and it is amazing!  It is going on the weekly rotation for sure, with brown rice dressed up with a little rotel and cilantro plus some fat free, refried beans - I am in Hispanic heaven!  Oh who knew that this could be fun???? 

Thanks to whomever is out there lifting up prayers for me (mom and sis), and to those who are reading, commenting and cheering me on.  Every time I get to feeling sad or frustrated something good seems to be around the corner.  That is coming from a higher power than me...I am blessed.

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  1. breakfast=0 (bad girl)
    lunch = amazing shrimp ceveche(sp)
    dinner = white chili with brown rice

    ceveche =
    fresh jalepeno pepper
    red onion
    lime juice

    Lots of chopping but soooo worth it! Amazing dish! I used about equal parts of each except for the jalepeno and lime juice- i can't go there!


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